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Awaken your Chidori and embrace the darkness! You are a dark warlock who specializes in dark arts and magic. Through your own research you have managed to adapt your body to be like the Blazeborn..

Your vanilla experience will be further enhanced thanks for the following features:-


Fire Affinity

You are like the Blazeborn and take no damage to fire.


➕ Elemental Reach

You have more reach than normal humans.


➕ Nether Spawn

You spawn in The Nether.


➕ Dark Arrow

Using dark magic, you are able to fire arrows out of your chest. Biting your thumb and applying your blood on the arrow tips while sneaking will enable you to fire a special venomous arrow that will poison your enemies on impact.


➕ Dark Heals

By infusing your dark magic with your own blood you are able to cast regeneration by stabbing yourself in the heart with an arrow.


➕ Dark Speed

Thanks for dark magic you can now stab yourself in the foot with an arrow and gain speed effects.


➕ Axis Breaker

Thanks to your dark magic, you are able to nullify all fall damage upon impact.


➕ Molecule Infraction

Your skin molecules are oozing with dark magic and are able to stick to blocks.


➕ Scorched Feet

You are able to walk on lava.


➕ Molecule Reversal

You are able to walk on water.


➕ Scorched Feet

You are able to walk on lava.


➕ Arcane Pouch

You are able to cast a spell that grants you 5 additional inventory slots.


➕ Chidori Blood

You have Chidori blood running through your veins which makes you emit special particles.


➖ Elemental Sacrifice

Performing all that magic has taken a toll on your health and you have 2 less hearts than humans.


➖ Desaturated Vision

Performing dark arts has affected your vision..


➖ Ranged Curse

Due to your dark arrow ability, you are unable to use ranged weapons.


➖ Ember Sleep

You can only sleep while your body is on fire.



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Permission - Feel free to use in your modpacks but they have to be hosted on CurseForge only and link back to this page.


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