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Awaken your Chidori and swim through the seas! Originated from a failed experiment by Witches using dark magic on Merling prisoners, the Aqua Chidori grew in numbers and now look to dominate the aquatic space. A fast and agile water based race who have now mastered the ability to survive on land using magic that allows them to craft special potions..
Note: You will need Pehkui installed for the size decrease


Your vanilla experience will be further enhanced thanks for the following features:-


Aquatic Life

You are like the Merlings. You can Breath, See better, Break blocks, Have increased swim speed and Do not sink Underwater.


➕ Starter Gear

You start with 1x Trident and 3x Water Breathing Potions.


➕ Stunted Growth

Due to unknown experimentations your body is only half the size of a human.


➕ Water Breather

Spending time around witches has given you special magical powers to be able to craft your own Water Breathing Potions (Use 1x Glass Bottle and 1x Seagrass).


➕ Easy Heals

Using your special aquired powers, you can craft your own Health Potions (Use 1x Glass Bottle and 1x Kelp).


➕ Witch's Grace

Being around witches all the time has made your body immune to poison.


➕ Liquid Pouch

Aquatic magic has granted you access to your own special pouch. You can access this pouch by using your load hotbar activator key (normally the X key).


➕ Rock Climber

Being small and nimble allows you to easily climb blocks.


➕ Fire Immunity & Lava Affinity

Experimentations have left your body with a strange effect that stops fire from hurting you. (You still need water breathing to swim in lava). You can also see clearly in Lava.


➕ Chidori Blood

You have Chidori blood running through your veins which makes you emit special particles.


➖ Fragility

Being small only gives you 6 hearts.


➖ Lighted Armory

Being a prisoner your whole life, you never wore any heavy armor and now can only wear light armor (Chainmail or less).


➖ Fatigued Experience

You gain XP slower than humans.


➖ Aquatic Issues

You can only hold breath for limited period out of water



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Permission - Feel free to use in your modpacks but they have to be hosted on CurseForge only and link back to this page.


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