DarkRPG - RPG Quest Magic & Origins

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(Your vanilla experience will be further improved thanks to the following features)

🔷 Latest Minecraft Update
🔷 FPS Performance Boost thanks to Sodium, Lithium, Starlight, Ferritecore & more
🔷 Custom Main Menu & Backgrounds
🔷 Quests - Press the [L] key to view quests and gain rewards
🔷 Full Currency System
🔷 Casino - Win Rare Items using Diamonds currency
🔷 Auction Houses and Shops
🔷 Origins - Choose from a variety of races in game
🔷 Recipes - More than 100 custom recipes not found in vanilla
🔷 Flight - Custom flying items
🔷 Cosmetics - Capes, Wings, Hats and more
🔷 Extra Weapons & Armor
🔷 Magic Wands, Spells, Special Enchantments and Tables
🔷 Mod Config Menus
🔷 Minimap & Worldmap
🔷 World Claim system with map integration
🔷 Waystones
🔷 Special Bosses
🔷 Extra Biomes
🔷 Extra Blocks & Items
🔷 Shader support - pack comes with 3 extra shaders
🔷 Font support - pack comes with 3 extra fonts
🔷 There are many more Quality of Life mods in this pack.


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Most Information can now be found on the Wiki and web pages. Got a question or want to report a bug? let us know on discord.

🔷 Wiki - https://github.com/gamerpotion/DarkRPG/wiki

🔷 Discord - https://discord.gg/uCPfPBvsRJ

🔷 Server Info - https://www.gamerpotion.net/p/darkrpg.html



Cataclysm Event January 2023


(Version 1.18.1 Trailer. Current Modpack mods may vary)


(Version 1.17.1 Trailer. Current Modpack mods may vary)


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