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A Fabric based Modpack!

Featuring RPG Inspired & Performance Based Mods


Why is this called DarkRPG?

Good question! This pack consists of a 'dark' theme generally and its menu/game items aimed to be dark themed. Then we have tons of RPG mods included to give that typical Role Playing Game experience. You can start a new game, choose your race and class and play the game with many cool mods. See the Full Mods List below for a list of all mods installed in this modpack.



(Your vanilla experience will be further improved thanks to the following features)

  • Caves & Cliffs Latest update 1.18 - Enjoy the latest update with mods!
  • FPS performance boosts thanks to Sodium, Sodium Extra & Lithium and more..
  • Cool RPG Main Menu
  • Companion Bat - Follows you around and fights for you. Activate from bat item in action bar. Bat is already equiped with several cool items (Shift+Click on bat to view its status page). Use the flutes to command the bat and feed it Pie to make it happy.
  • Terralith 2.0 - Cool Biomes
  • Custom Capes & Ears - Visit https://minecraftcapes.net (watch video below on how to activate)
  • Mod Menu - Shows a Mods button in game menu to list mods installed (Mods settings can also be configured here)
  • Xaero's Minimap & Worldmap - Shows a minimap and world map and waypoints similar to a RPG experience (Press M to toggle)
  • Adorn - Experience furniture items in game thanks to this mod.
  • Falling Tree - Instantly receive all logs after chopping down a tree (use an axe in survival mode)
  • WTHIT - (What The Hell Is That) Shows block and creature information & when looking at it (can be configured in options)
  • Iris Shaders - Ability to add shaders to the game to enhance the game (place it in shaderpacks folder)
  • Falling Leaves - Adds realistic tree effects to the game
  • Grizzly Bear Mod - Adds a grizzly bear to the game
  • Connected Textures and Glass
  • Zoom Mod - Hold 'V' to zoom and mouse wheel scrool to zoom even more
  • Custom Skybox - No more boring sky!
  • Rainbow XP Bar
  • Dynamic Lights - Hold a torch or light emitting object in your hand and your surroundings will glow
  • Quest Mod -  Go here to read up on the quest mod included in this pack - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/guild
  • Main Menu background from Pixabay free images - https://pixabay.com/photos/castle-places-of-interest-3635843/
  • There are a lot of mods to list here. See full list below or click on Relations. Also check out the Images section to view all the screenshots
  • Recommended RAM - 4GB or more is recommended.


Full Mods List:-


Below Video is from 1.17.1 (will make new one for 1.18 soon)  For any bugs and queries, please post a comment in below video's comment section and I will take a look ;)



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