Modern Beta [Fabric]

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[This mod is on hiatus! Thanks for your support!]


A Modern Beta for Modern Minecraft!


Fabric API is required!


Welcome to Modern Beta!  Modern Beta was born out of the desire to see classic old world generation in modern Minecraft, without having to sacrifice modern vanilla features or additions like the new 1.16 Nether.

This mod re-implements the Beta, Alpha, Infdev, Indev terrain generators for a nearly block-for-block perfect recreation.  The mod's highlight feature is the faithful recreation of Minecraft Beta terrain gen, but updated with most modern features and structures.  The Alpha, Infdev and Indev terrain generators are more lightly updated.  All terrain generators offer a vanilla/modded biome option, if that's more your thing.

Comments, feedback, suggestions are welcome!  See the FAQ section below if you have a question that may have already been answered.




World Types:

  • Beta (Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7)
  • Skylands (Beta 1.6 - 1.8)
  • Alpha 1.1.2_01
  • Infdev 20100611
  • Infdev 20100420
  • Infdev 20100415
  • Infdev 20100227
  • Indev 20100223
  • Classic 0.30
  • Beta Islands
  • Pocket Edition v0.6.0 alpha


World Generation:

  • Beta cave generation.  Check out 404!
  • Indev cave generation.
  • Ocean biome assignment for worlds with Beta/Vanilla biomes.
  • All modern structures/mobs included. The Ocean Shrine structure can be generated in place of monuments in Beta/PE/Vanilla worlds, if desired.
  • Brick pyramid and obsidian wall generation for Infdev 20100227 world type.
  • Noise-based tree generation ported from Beta/Alpha/Infdev.
  • Vanilla biome generation for Beta/Alpha/Infdev worlds.  Compatible with Fabric biome mods!


Rendering Options:

  • Clientside Beta sky/fog colors.  Enjoy those deep blue and purple skies!
  • Clientside Beta biome colors.  Smooth biome color transitions, variation in tall grass coloration!
  • Clientside option to turn off sunset colors.
  • Clientside option to use old fog colors.
  • Clientside option to render game version in top-left corner of window.


Other Features:

  • Serverside support, no new custom content is added so clients don't need the mod to join.


For the authentic Beta look, try the following!

  • Soaring Clouds: Set cloud height to 108!
  • Golden Days: My favorite classic Minecraft resource pack.  Presently there are issues if used as-is with Colormatic, documented here.
  • Colormatic: For custom colors and textures used by the above resource pack.
  • Custom Fog: For closer fog and that surreal atmosphere!  For old fog, set fog start value to 0.25.
  • Custom Stars: Also by me, restore the classic big stars with this mod.
  • Custom Void: Also by me, restore the old blue void with this mod.


For classic gameplay tweaks:


Also highly recommended:

  • Sodium: Rendering performance optimization mod.
  • Lithium: General performance optimization mod.
  • Starlight: Lighting engine optimization mod.
  • Isometric Renders: An isometric screenshot tool, use it for your Indev worlds!




Please see the Modern Beta wiki for more information on configuring rendering and generation options for the mod's various world types.


Some useful links:


Server Configuration


Please see the link for instructions on configuring Modern Beta for servers.  Modern Beta does not add any new blocks, so it only needs to be placed server side!


Biome Customization


Please see the link for instructions and download links for data packs that you can use to customize the biomes in this mod.

See the wiki link for more information on the format.  See this for the latest version of the vanilla MC worldgen files.




Find the changelog here.




Find the FAQ here.




  • Thanks to SuperCoder7979, whose work helped me understand Fabric, particularly in the area of worldgen, and for allowing me to use their GoVote and mixin code.
  • Thanks to MrBurger, Ted80, Minecrell, and SkyDeckAGoGo, whose lovely mods and data packs inspired me to create Modern Beta.
  • Thanks to Arenovas, for Indev 20100223 mappings, and ClassiCube, for documenting the Minecraft Classic generation algorithm for additional implementation details.
  • Thanks to Amb0s and Paulevs for their assistance in porting the Infdev 20100415 terrain generator and allowing me to reference their ports.
  • Thanks to comp500 for contributing a crash fix.


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