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Immersive Combat (1.12 Better Combat)

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Immersive Combat



 An updated version of 1.12 Better Combat Rebirth


Combat Changes


  • 1st-person attack animations (Sweeping, Chopping, and Stabbing)
  • Idle breathing animation to weapons and items in hand
  • Entity-aware & wall-aware positioning for items in hand
  • Swinging a weapon slightly tilts the camera to make for a more immersive attack (configurable)
  • New attack crosshair cooldown UI
  • New Critical Chance and Critical Damage system
  • Extensive config for adding and editing attributes on weapons, such as Sound Type, Animation, Hand Property, Sweep, Reach, Knockback, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and Potion Effects on hit
  • Configuration for adding a Shield Bash ability to shields. Adjustable Shield Bash Damage, Knockback, and Cooldown
  • Configuration for bows. Adjustable Damage, Velocity, and Draw Speed
  • Weapons can be dual-weilded and attacking has been added to the offhand
  • Attacks now have a cooldown period where attacking is disabled, and has a delay before the attack registers on the target
  • Added the ability to adjust the attack cooldown on swords (this was not possible with Material Changer)
  • Configurable Knockback XZ and Y options
  • Configurable option for specific weapons to disable shields for a specific duration, and the option to have critical strikes disable shields
  • Configurable attack width & height and the option to reduce the Damage & Reach of unarmed attacks
  • Added several enchantments, such as Curse of Gluttony, Webbing, Revitalize, Sorcery, and Lightning
  • Added several potions, such as Aetherealized, Precision, Brutality, and a Bleeding effect


Quality Changes


  • Shields now block fire from projectiles
  • Healing arrows deal no physical damage if they healed the target
  • Ranged silver weapons from other mods now deal additional damage to undead
  • Minecraft's Healing and Harming arrows now properly calculate damage See
  • Mobs are affected by Blindness and Nausea status effects
  • Fast equip hotkey that allows players to quickly equip their weapons (default key: X)
  • Added many combat sounds, such as when equipping, sheathing, swinging, or hitting with a weapon
  • Configurable sounds for weapons depending on their material and animation
  • Added informative tooltips to weapons that displays their Reach, Knockback, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and Potion Effect
  • Added animations and particles for shoveling grass paths, tilling farmland, and stripping bark off logs
  • Added fixes to bugs in the original mod that incorrectly calculated properties from Spartan Weaponry & Quality Tools




Compatible with: Spartan Weaponry & Quality Tools

A great mod that adds 3rd-person animations: Mo' Bends

To change the Attack Speed & Attack Damage on weapons, download: Material Changer


A special thanks to Ski_ for helping fund & test this mod!