Better Animals Plus Plus

1,035 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 25, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

An updated version of Better Animals Plus which adds attack animations and greatly improves AI (see videos below)




  • The limb swing amount for animal animations were too high > this version reduces the limb swing amount


  • Many animals were missing attack animations and just ran at the player > this version adds attack animations have been added to the bear, wolf, walrus, zotzpyre, boar, and moose


  • Deer would not flee from the player when they were near > this version adds deer fleeing animations (their tail raises too) and their pathing has been updated too


  • Often larger mobs would spin in circles, especially bears and moose > this version fixes the random glitchy mob spinning


  • Sharks would bash their heads into the beach when chasing players on land > this version both fixes the glitchy animation when above water and drops aggro if they player is on land


  • Zotzpyre were not a threat and stood there not moving > in this version they are now a threat! Zotzpyre will leap at you and have very smart AI. Also, when attaching to the player their camera is zoomed to third person and reverts back to the original angle when it dismounts


  • Wolves & bears can now knock down and stun their target for a few seconds

 Planned: this version does not add any new animals, however, I plan to eventually back 1.16 animals (such as octopus & squids)

Zotzpyre BEFORE:



Zotzpyre AFTER:



Updated attack animation example:




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