Easy Shulker Boxes [Forge]

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📖 About:

Easy Shulker Boxes brings some extremely useful changes to shulker boxes, making them usable from directly within your inventory. No need for placing the whole box on the ground for checking contents or adding a few item stacks!

📚 Contents:

Shulker boxes are so damn useful for storing and transporting many items. But why do you always have to place them on the floor to use them? Time to change that!

In any interface, simply hold shift when hovering a shulker box and you'll see all of its contents in the item tooltip. And if you just quickly want to add a few items, simply right-click them on the box item in your inventory. You can do the same without holding an item to extract items from a box. Very useful!

📷 Media:

Right-click a shulker box item to extract contents stack by stack    Hold shift to see contents of a shulker box in your inventory

💡 FAQ:

Q: How do I configure this mod?
A: Install my Config Menus for Forge mod and do it directly in-game!




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