Grand Economy

Grand Economy - The Economy API

This mod can be used as a way to support other economy mods/plugins, all in one place. This means you can use any of these other economies' currencies with any mod that uses Grand Economy, instead of having to use Grand Economy's currency. To do so, you set the "economyBridge" config option to the economy whose currency you wish to use.


Requires Annotated DI (Forge) and Fireplace Lib (Forge)
Requires Fireplace Lib

Downloads for Forge
Downloads for Fabric


Supported Economies:

Economies marked with an asterisk (*) CANNOT use currency from another mod/plugin, but Grand Economy can be set to use their currency.

Diamond Economy* (experimental, may have issues)

Diamond Economy* (experimental, may have issues)




A visual representation of how this works:


Grand Economy - The Standalone Economy

Grand Economy has a basic economy of its own for users that don't wish to use another economy mod. It doesn't do much, but it has commands to interact with players' currency, and allows server owners to set an initial balance.

Grand Economy - Other Features

Grand Economy also adds a basic income system that can be used to give users currency each day, which can also save up to a set number of days' worth for when they next log in.

By default the user gets 50 gp for each (real time) day, as long as they login at least once every 5 days. These amounts are configurable.
currency can also be transferred between players when one kills another - this can be a flat amount, a percentage of the killed player's balance, or both.
Server owners can set items that can be converted to currency (1.12.2 only - I'm looking to make this functionality a part of Grand Exchange in newer versions).




Check your account balance

/pay <player> <amount>

Pay another player money from your account

/wallet balance <player>

Admin command to check a player's account balance

/wallet give <player> <amount>

Alias: /wallet add <player> <amount>

Admin command to add currency to a player's account

/wallet take <player> <amount>

Admin command to take currency from a player's account

/wallet set <player> <amount>

Admin command to set a player's account balance

/convert (before 3.0.0 only - functionality being moved to Grand Exchange)

Converts the held item into currency, if possible

Configuration Tutorial

This video is for Grand Economy 1.5.2 on Fabric for Minecraft 1.15.2. I strongly recommend using Mod Menu to configure Grand Economy 3.0.0+ because that's where the Config GUI is, but it is not required.



Q: How does this work with other economies?

A: How it works is, you set the "economyBridge" config option in Grand Economy. Grand Economy's currency is no longer used. Everything that uses Grand Economy is now using the currency from whatever that setting points to.

Q: Can I do trading functions like admin and player shops?
A: See Grand Exchange.

Old Versions FAQ:

Q: How do I set the value of items to be converted into currency?

A: There is a file called conversion_items.json located in config/grandeconomy-extra (or world/serverconfig/grandeconomy-extra on Forge 1.14.4+) which you can configure to give items value.

Q: What's the "meta" field in conversion_items.json (1.12.2)?

A: Meta is something used to distinguish different varieties of one block/item in 1.12.2 and older. For vanilla blocks/items, there is a list of these available here.

Q: The Vault integration is crashing, how do I fix it?
A: Ensure that you've installed Grand Economy Vault Compat, and keep in mind that not all Vault economies are able to be run with all mods that use Grand Economy. I recommend SaneEconomy for best compatibility.

Q: Can you make more Vault economies work with mods like Clans?

A: This is not possible because many Vault economies rely on players being the only things that can have bank accounts. However, mods like Clans require an economy capable of storing generic bank accounts for things other than players - which is what makes many commonly used Vault economies incompatible.


To report issues or request new features, use the issue tracker. Do not ask me to port to different Minecraft versions. For questions and other discussion, feel free to join my Discord.