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Forge Essentials aims to provide a suite of powerful fully server-side utilities to make running, administrating and using a server better and easier. This mod only needs to be installed on the server and should not be installed at all on the client. The companion mod is a client mod, which may be optionally downloaded to enable additional features like WorldEdit CUI 


  • WorldEdit is not included in FE and must be downloaded separately


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Forge Essentials contains the following modules:

-       Afterlife

Places a configurable Totem on death. Has options to change the amount of XP and hunger to retain. Economy integrated. 

-       Auth 
Provides an extra layer of player identity protection as well as providing VIP slots. 

-       Backups 
Creates backups of the dimensions. Target can be configured, when it must run and how long to retain backups as well. 

-       Chat 
Provides customized chat colors, prefixes, suffixes and quick reply commands. 

-       Commands 
Essentially a bunch of commands useful for every server admin like /fly, /top, /descend and many others. All commands are permission and economy integrated. 

-       Economy 
Provides virtual currency which can be used to buy and sell stuff. Also, command actions can be charged when they’re used by players. 

-       Factions 
Provides basic faction support with ranks and limited per faction chat. 

-       Kit 
Create kits for your players. Define even a starter kit. Time and Economy integrated. 

-       Majority Sleep 
How many percent need to sleep to skip the night in a dimension? You can define that. 

-       MultiWorld 
Powerful custom dimension manager. Create on-the-fly new dimensions compatible with nearly all modded dimension providers and generators. 

-       Performance Tools 
Provides some tools to check the performance of the server. 

-       Permission Manager 
Most advanced permission manager for modded Minecraft. It manages zones/areas, dimensions, groups and single users in any combination. Permissions can be things like breaking, placing, interacting, teleporting and much more. Every items and block has a permission node. Economy integrated. 

-       Permission Scheduler 
The permission scheduler can toggle permissions based on game / server time. It includes a debugger to test permissions. 

-       PlayerLogger 
Records all actions performed by players. It is a powerful tool to check grieving. 

-       Plots 
Let’s players to create, buy and sell plots. Economy integrated. 

-       Remote 
Let’s you administrate your server remotely using an API. 

-       Scripting 
FE Jscripting is a lightning fast and extremely powerful scripting engine based on JavaScript. It can alter blocks, players and much more. Warning! Very advanced stuff. 

-       Server Vote 
Votifier compatible. Let players vote for your server on the many server list websites. Also provides a reward to players for every vote received. Uses the script engine. 

-       Sign Tools 
Enter commands and creates server shops with signs. 

-       Teleport 
Manages player to player teleporting. Also provides personal and global warps. Economy integrated. 

-       Tickets 
Let’s player  send a ticket with a question, remark or anything else to ops and moderators. 

-       WorldEdit Integration Tool 
Uses the world famous WorldEdit to select and define zones. Forge Essentials client mod highly recommended.

-       WorldBorder 
Limits the world per dimension with customizable messages and penalties. 


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