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Development on this mod is currently paused indefinitely.  This is an open source project so we will still accept Pull Requests but there will be no future development for the time being!


Forge Essentials aims to provide a suite of powerful fully server-side utilities to make running, administrating and using a server better and easier. This mod only needs to be installed on the server and should not be installed at all on the client. The companion mod is a client mod, which may be optionally downloaded to enable additional features like WorldEdit CUI 


  • WorldEdit is not included in FE and must be downloaded separately


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Please, do not send me IM messages about bugs / issues.  If you need help go to our discord server.


Forge Essentials contains the following modules:

-       Afterlife

Places a configurable Totem on death. Has options to change the amount of XP and hunger to retain. Economy integrated. 


-       Auth 
Provides an extra layer of player identity protection as well as providing VIP slots. 


-       Backups 
Creates backups of the dimensions. Target can be configured, when it must run and how long to retain backups as well. 


-       Chat 
Provides customized chat colors, prefixes, suffixes and quick reply commands. 


-       Commands 
Essentially a bunch of commands useful for every server admin like /fly, /top, /descend and many others. All commands are permission and economy integrated. 


-       Economy 
Provides virtual currency which can be used to buy and sell stuff. Also, command actions can be charged when they’re used by players. 


-       Kit 
Create kits for your players. Define even a starter kit. Time and Economy integrated. 


-       Majority Sleep 
How many percent need to sleep to skip the night in a dimension? You can define that.


-       MultiWorld 
Powerful custom dimension manager. Create on-the-fly new dimensions compatible with nearly all modded dimension providers and generators. 


-       Performance Tools 
Provides some tools to check the performance of the server. 


-       Permission Manager 
Most advanced permission manager for modded Minecraft. It manages zones/areas, dimensions, groups and single users in any combination. Permissions can be things like breaking, placing, interacting, teleporting and much more. Every items and block has a permission node. Economy integrated. In addition, Wildcard nodes are supported (i.e. fe.command.*)


-       Permission Scheduler 
The permission scheduler can toggle permissions based on game / server time. It includes a debugger to test permissions. 


-       PlayerLogger 
Records all actions performed by players. It is a powerful tool to check grieving.




-       Remote 
Let’s you administrate your server remotely using an API. 


-       Scripting 
FE Jscripting is a lightning fast and extremely powerful scripting engine based on JavaScript. It can alter blocks, players and much more. Warning! Very advanced stuff. 


-       Server Vote 
Votifier compatible. Let players vote for your server on the many server list websites. Also provides a reward to players for every vote received. Uses the script engine. 


-       Sign Tools 
Enter commands and creates server shops with signs.   In addition, you can use Javascript to run actions when a sign is interacted with or edited.  This can include creating an inventory menu using the new item menu system.


-       Teleport 
Manages player to player teleporting. Also provides personal and global warps. Economy integrated. 


-       Tickets 
Let’s player  send a ticket with a question, remark or anything else to ops and moderators. 


-       WorldEdit Integration Tool 
Uses the world famous WorldEdit to select and define zones. Forge Essentials client mod highly recommended.


-       WorldBorder 
Limits the world per dimension with customizable messages and penalties. 


For more information, news and updates, please visit our discord, or take a look at the Wiki. 





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