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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Balance HUD

EnderPay adds economy to forge servers.
The diffculty that appers when one wants to add economy to the server is where the credits should come from.
To solve that problem EnderPay introduces basic income and stamped money.

By default the user gets 100 credits on first login, and 50 for each (real time) day, as long as they login at least once every 6 days.
Each day 1% of user balance is taken from him and 1% of each banknote's value is lost.
The amount of tax taken each day is configurable (as well as other values)

Default configuration

# Configuration file

basicincome {
# Amount of credits to give each player each day [range: 0 ~ 10000, default: 50]

# Day length in minutes [range: 1 ~ 525600, default: 1440]

# Number of days after banknote no longer has value [range: 1 ~ 100, default: 10]

# Each day give set amount of credits to each player to stimulate economy [default: true]

# Maximum number of day since last login the player will be payed for. [range: 1 ~ 20, default: 6]

# Number of days of inactivity after account balance will be set to startBalance [range: 1 ~ 100, default: 100]

general {
# Should banknotes be consumed when used by player in creative mode [default: true]

# Currency name (displayed in HUD, max 20 char) [default: credits]
S:"currency name (multiple)"=credits

# Currency name (displayed in HUD, max 20 char) [default: credit]
S:"currency name (singular)"=credit

# What percentage (0-100) or what amount (pvpMoneyDrop<0) of players money should be transferred to slayer [range: -2147483647 ~ 100, default: 0]

# Set to true to allow crafting banknotes [temporary disabled] [default: true]

# Amount of credits given to new players joining the server [range: 0 ~ 10000, default: 100]

gui {
# HUD anchor position [default: right]

# Position of HUD [default: hud_above_right]

# Use HUD position provided by server [default: true]

# HUD x offset in scaled pixels [range: -10000 ~ 10000, default: 0]

# HUD y offset in scaled pixels [range: -10000 ~ 10000, default: 0]

stampedmoney {
# Take % of players money each day to stimulate economy [default: true]

# What percentage of players money should be taken each day [range: 0 ~ 100, default: 1]

Crafting recipes

This mod allows you to craft blank banknote with the following recipe.

Banknote crafting recipe
Right click with blank banknote in your hand to open GUI where you can enter the amount of credits to fill the banknote with.


/balance - Check account balance
/pay <player> <amount> - Pay another player money from your account
/wallet balance <player> - Check another player's account balance
/wallet give <player> - Add credits to player's account
/wallet take <player> - Take credits from player's account
/wallet set <player> - Set player's account balance

In-game configuration

To allow easy HUD position configuration, in-game config menu was added.

In-game configuration

See also


Source code on Github

1. Install Minecraft forge.
2. Put the mod's .jar file you downloaded into the mods directory.

This mod is available under GPL2.
You are allowed to include it into mod packs of any kind, without asking for permission.


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