Thut Essentials

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Usage and instructions on the team system

Team Management Commands

Most of these commands apply to your current team.

  • /create_team [team_name]** - this creates a team of the given name, and adds the user to it
  • /delete_team* - deletes your current team
  • /add_team_admin [player]* - assigns [player] as an admin for this team
  • /remove_team_admin [player]* - removes [player] from the admins list for the team
  • /list_team_admins - lists the admins for your current team
  • /team_invite [player]* - invites [player] to the team, this will send them a message notifying of the invite
  • /team_invites - displays your list of invites, click on one of the entries to join the team
  • /join_team [team] - joins the given team, this only works if you have an invite or are otherwise OP
  • /leave_team - leaves your current team, puts you back in the default team (you can't leave the default team with this)
  • /add_to_team [team] [player]*** - force adds [player] to the team [team]
  • /kick_team_member [player]* - kicks [player] from your team

* - you must be an admin of the team to use this command

** - this command does not apply to your current team

*** - this command requires OP

/edit_team [option]

these are for controls over general permissions for your team, some require OP as well, most just require team admin, ones requiring OP are marked with *

Valid choices for [option]:

  • public - toggles whether any player can right click interact with items/blocks/mobs
  • any_place - toggles whether any player can place blocks
  • any_break - toggles whether any player can break blocks
  • frames - toggles specific protection on item frames
  • fake_players - toggles whether fakeplayers are able to do whatever they want, this is for stuff like block placer/breakers from other mods
  • reserve* - toggles whether the team will be removed if empty, this can be used to make empty spawn/town teams on servers
  • no_player_damage* - toggles whether players are immune to all damage on this team's land
  • no_npc_damage* - similar to no_player_damage, but for NPCs like villagers
  • friendly_fire* - toggles whether team members can hurt each other
  • no_mob_spawn* - toggles whether mobs can spawn in the land
  • no_explosions* - toggles whether explosions can damage the land, this allows letting say tnt cannons work, but not direct breaking
  • prefix [text] - sets the team's prefix to [text], this will be appended to be beginning of team member names
  • enter [text] - sets the message which occurs when entering the team's land to [text]
  • exit [text] - sets the message which occurs when exiting the team's land to [text]
  • deny [text] - sets the message which occurs when denying interaction to [text]
  • home - sets team home to your current location

/team_relations [options]

this requires you to be a team admin to use. this is used for things like alliances between teams, valid options are as follows:

  • list - prints out a list of other teams you have set relations for
  • relations [team] - prints out your relations with [team]
  • relations_all - applies relations for everything in list
  • set [team] [perm] - sets the relation value for [perm] for team [team]
  • unset [team] [perm] - removes the relation value for [perm] for team [team]

Choices for [perm]:

  • public - acts like /edit_team public but only for the team given permission
  • place - acts like /edit_team any_place but only for the team given permission
  • break - acts like /edit_team any_break but only for the team given permission
  • ally - sets an arbitrary alliance flag, nothing much uses this yet

/edit_ranks [options]

This is for giving partial admin rights to specific members of the teams, you assign perms to the ranks, then assign the ranks to the members.

Choices for [options]:

  • list_ranks - lists the names of ranks for your team
  • list_members [rank] - lists members with rank [rank]
  • add_rank [rank] - adds rank of name [rank]
  • del_rank [rank] - deletes rank [rank]
  • add_perm [rank] [perm] - gives [perm] to [rank]
  • del_perm [rank] [perm] - removes [perm] from [rank]
  • set_rank [rank] [player] - assigns [rank] to the member [player]
  • rem_rank [rank] [player] - unassigns [rank] to the member [player]

Choices for [perm]:

  • editMessages - allows editing entry/exit/deny messages
  • claim - allows land claiming
  • unclaim - allows land unclaiming
  • prefix - allows adjusting team prefix
  • sethome - allows setting team home
  • invite - allows inviting team members
  • kick - allows kicking team members
  • cload - allows chunkloading land (not implemented yet)
  • uncload - allows un-chunkloading land (not implemented yet)

Land Claiming Commands

  • land_owner - prints the owner of the subchunk you are in

  • /claim - claims the column of subchunks you are in, ie the entire chunk

  • /claim here - claims your current subchunk (blue outlines in f3+g display)

  • /claim up - claims your current subchunk and all above it

  • /claim down - claims your current subchunk and all below it

  • /claim auto - auto claims the entire chunk as you walk into it, requires OP

  • /claim check - prints your current claim usage/allowance

  • /unclaim up - like /claim up but unclaims it

  • /unclaim down - like /claim down but unclaims it

  • /unclaim here - like /claim here but unclaims it

  • /unclaim everything - unclaims all of your team's land

  • /chunkload - chunkloads your current chunk (not implemented yet)

  • /unchunkload - un-chunkloads your current chunk (not implemented yet)

General Utility Commands

  • /team_chat [message] - sends [message] to all members of your team
  • /my_team - says what team you are in
  • /team_home - teleports you to the team home
  • /team_members [team_name] - prints a list of members in team [team_name] - might require re-running after a delay if members were offline when first run
  • /reload_teams - reload the teams and land from save files, this requires OP
  • /show_land - toggles particle effects outlining claimed land
  • /team_teams - prints a list of all team names


Specific Block Perms toggles

If you rename items with anvils, depending on the naming, you can toggle specific permissions for that block. These names are not case sensitive

  • public toggle - sets that block to the same permissions as /edit_perms public
  • protect toggle - specifically marks an NPC as invulnerable
  • break toggle - sets that block to the same permissions as /edit_perms any_break
  • place toggle - sets that block to the same permissions as /edit_perms any_place

Wilderness Restrictions

There are a set of permissions which can be enabled to prevent interatction/breaking/placing in un-claimed land. These perms are as follows:

  • thutessentials.land.break.unowned
  • thutessentials.land.place.unowned
  • thutessentials.land.useitem.unowned
  • thutessentials.land.useblock.unowned
  • thutessentials.land.enter.unowned



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