Thut Essentials

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Thut Essentials is everything you would want out of a essentials + claiming built from the ground up on Forge by Thutmose.

For Server use this is not required Client Side.

Recommended to use my Forge Permissions Manager with this: Thut Perms

Thut Essentials Features:

Command:                                           Descriptions:

/spy                                         >Allows OP's to see all private messages

/staff /sc                                 >Private staff chat (/staff !add <names>)

/delhome                                >Deletes a player's home.

/sethome                                >Sets a player's home.

/homes                                   >List all homes for player.

/home                                     >Teleports to your set home.

/back                                      >Allows player to move to last death,warp

/nick                                               >changes player's name

/suffix                                          >changes suffix for player's name

/prefix                                             >changes prefix for player's name

/fly                                                  >Set your player's fly mode.

/heal                                                >Fully heal/feed yourself or others.

/repair                                        >Repairs item in hand.

/spawn                                >Warp to the world spawn point.

/speed                                  >Set the speicific player's walk/fly speed!

/addrule                                 >Add a server rule.

/delrule                                      >Remove a server rule.

/rules                                             >Read the server rules.

/delwarp                                >Deletes the specified warp.

/setwarp                                >Sets a warp.

/warps                                        >Lists all warps on the server.

/warp                                           >Teleport to the specified warp.

/tpa                                                   >Send a teleport request to a player

/tptoggle                                   >Toggle recieving tpa on/off

/tpaccept                               > Allows players to accept Tp Requests



Claiming (Note: These are disabled by default, set landEnabled to true in config for them to work):

Command:                                                            Descriptions:

/listTeamAdmins                                    List admins in Team.
/autoclaim                                          Toggles claiming of block standing on
/claim                                                           claims current subchunk
/claim up/down <number>                      claims specified number up/down
/claim all all                                            claims entire chunk.
/createTeam <team>                              creates a team called <team>
/teamInvite <playername>                        invites <playername> to the team, clickable through chat.
/teamInvites                                             lists your current invites, click invite to join.
/joinTeam <team>                                    adds you to <team> after someone invites.
/kickFromTeam <player>                           kicks <player> from the team, if you have admin roll.
/leaveTeam                                             leaves current team
/listMembers                                                  lists the members in your current team
/landOwner                                                  says who land you are standing in
/removeTeamAdmin <player>    removes <player> from admin roles for team
/setTeamAdmin <player>                     adds <player> as a team admin.
/myTeam                                                       lists of your current team.
/unclaim /unclaim all                             unclaim chunk standing in, or unclaim all chunks owned

 /editTeam enter <message>            message for when players enter a claim

 /editTeam exit <message>            message for when players leaves a claim

 /editTeam deny <message>          message for when right/left click items in claim

OP Users:
/autoclaim all                            Toggles claiming 0-255
/joinTeam <team>                                Lets you join any team


This Essentials is a work in progress, more features are planned this is just the base to get released.


Do not comment on the page for this, I do not get notified about those, so will not see them for several months. comment on the page instead.


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