Engineer's Tools

165,905 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Manual handheld tools for engineers.


The mod has its focus on manual tools:


(REal DIAmond covered tool): Simple manual multi tool combining pickaxe, axe, shovel, and shears. - Reference Efficiency: Diamond. Very efficient when in good condition (about Efficiency III), slow when the durability is low (Efficiency curve configurable). - High Fortune when fully repaired (Fortune III), drops rapidly with the durability (Fortune curve configurable).

Repairable with Diamonds. Enchantable with Unbreaking, but not with Efficiency or additional Fortune (be a proper engineer and keep your tools in good condition ;) ).

  • Right-click action: Place torch.
  • Sneak-right-click ground: Cycle Dirt - Farmland - Coarse Dirt - Grass Path.
  • Sneak-right-click: Shear Sheep, Vines, Grass, Leafs, etc.
  • Sneak while breaking a wood log: Tree felling (also higher durability loss).

Please read the community references/credits below. Crafted with iron axe, pickaxe, and shovel, and a diamond.

Auto Stim Pack

May save your life by pushing back a few hearts when your health falls below three hearts. Also gives some small buffs to get out of the present misery. Can also be used as Bauble. Warning: The stim pack pulse injector needs to charge first, so there is a small delay. The stim pack does not need to be held in a hand, it also works from an inventory slot, Bauble slot or Curios slot.

Ariadne Coal

A coal pen that allows you to draw arrows on walls, floors and ceilings to find the way out of caves. Build like a "coal sword".

Ore Crushing Hammer

Early game ore-to-grit duplication, as known from the IE ore crusher. The hammer is crafted like the Engineers Hammer, except that one of the two iron ingots is replaced with an iron block. The tool has a comparatively low durability and allowes (by default) to crush 64 stacks of ore before breaking. It's not repairable, so a new one has to be crafted - or get an IE Ore Crusher machine ASAP.

Muslee Power Bar Press

A manual food press that you can carry in your inventory, and use to create Muslee Melange Power Bars. These are quite nourishing snacks that can be eaten quickly. To make the bars, drop seeds and all food that you can find into the press, and take the Muslee Bars from the output slot. It also has a small internal storage for seeds and food. It is not possible to throw rotten or toxic food into the press, and the seeds have to be acceptable, too (wheat, melon, pumpkin).

Mod pack integration, forking, back ports, bug reports, testing

  • Packs: If your mod pack is open source as well and has no installer, you don't need to ask and simply integrate this mod.

  • Bug reports: Yes, please let me know. Drop a mail or better open an issue for the repository.

  • Pull requests: Happily accepted. Please make sure that use the develop branch for pull requests. The master branch is for release versions only. I might merge the pull request locally if I'm ahead of the github repository, we will communicate this in the pull request thread then.

  • The mod config has an "include testing features" option. Enabling this causes blocks under development to be registered as well.

Screen shots

Community references

  • Immersive Engineering: IE can be seen as a kind of base mod for my small mod, so the items are designed fit into the Immersive Context.

  • Botania: The REDIA tool has two features derived from Vazzki's tools, see credits file.

  • Actually Additions: The REDIA tool combo-functionality can also be found in the all-in-one tools Ellpeck's Actually Additions.

  • Simple Grinder provides a vanilla ore-to-dust device.

  • The Furnus also adds the "Pulvus", an ore grinder with upgrade capabilities.</li>


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