Dynamic Music Discs


Discord: https://discord.gg/uWUqVStV9g


Play any music in Minecraft.




1. Craft a dynamic music disc with two flint and two coal.

2. Rename your dynamic disc to the name of the song you wish to play using an anvil

3. Place it in a jukebox.



- Streams music directly. Doesn't need to download the entire song nor convert it to OGG to play.

- Supports Minecraft's spatial audio, downmixes stereo audio to mono while playing.

- Multiplayer compatible.


Versions Supported:

- Fabric 1.16.3

- Fabric 1.16.4


Make sure they're up-to-date!

- Fabric API

- Fabric Language Kotlin


This mod collects some telemetry data. You can disable it with -Ddmd.analytics=disable OR set analytics: false in the config file.


Your data is not, and never will be shared with or sold to a third party (except for Google Analytics, which is used to track the data. Google Analytics does not sell or share the data with anyone except me)


Data Collected

- Java Version

- Minecraft Language

- Mod Version

- Start/Stop Game

- Play Disc(Disc Title+Corresponding Video)

- UID file in dynamic-discs/.uid


Data NOT Collected

- Player name

- Computer ID (HWID)