Valkyrien Skies (Forge/Fabric)

Valkryien Skies 2 is in BETA. It's generally stable and you can play with it, but we haven't even reached 1% of our full potential. Valkyrien Skies 2 is the next generation of Valkyrien Skies, with support for 1.16.5 and 1.18.2 Forge/Fabric. Valkyrien Skies 2 no longer comes with blocks and gameplay elements built in. You will need an add-on like Eureka.


You need Kotlin for Forge! For 1.18, you need the latest version of Forge!

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Valkyrien Skies

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Blocks that move. Blocks that scale. Blocks with physics. Mini ships. Huge ships. With Valkyrien Skies, not even the sky is a limit.

Notice: Valkyrien Skies is a library mod, you need to download an add-on to use it in ordinary gameplay. If you don't have any in mind, try out

Eureka! (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/eureka-ships).
A full list of addons is available on the wiki



You betcha. If your ship is light enough, it floats!

Everything Collides

Ship to ship. Ship to world. Ship to player. Ship to entities. Valkyrien Skies integrates seamless into vanilla.

Oh, right. It also supports Create

Your favorite Create machines just got mobile! Check out Clockwork for more details.

And your favorite shaders!

Pictured: Complementary Shaders with Sodium+Iris



*Valkyrien Skies is built from the ground up, it is not based on the code of previous airship mods like Archimedes Ships.


Old 1.12 description:

(An example of the physics with a shader pack installed)

Q: Is this mod dead?

No! We're currently working on VS 2 (See https://github.com/ValkyrienSkies/Valkyrien-Skies-2 and https://github.com/ValkyrienSkies/Eureka). It is currently in alpha and for 1.16. We will post alpha releases on CurseForge soon™. Check the discord for daily updates discord.gg/rG3QNDV.

Important Announcement for the 1.12.2-1.0.0 Release:

Valkyrien Skies has been split into 3 mods, Valkyrien Skies Core (this one), Valkyrien Skies World, and Valkyrien Skies Control.

It is highly recommended to install all 3 mods, otherwise you won't have the blocks and items you need to actually build ships!


Valkyrien Skies aims to be the Minecraft ships mod everybody's always wanted. That means it includes interactive blocks, custom collision for walking on ships, mod compatibility, and more.


Truthfully a lot of the problems other ship mods have claimed to be as impossible and impractical are indeed quite solvable, and Valkyrien Skies remains as proof of that. A fully integrated custom control system is in the works, but for now the mod is stable enough to be used as a physics sandbox built into Minecraft.


There's are also the following addon mods available for Valkyrien Skies:

Plasma Cannons by Ice2670: curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/plasmacannon

Plasma Engines by Ice2670: curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/plasmaengines


Valkyrien Skies Website: valkyrienskies.org
Valkyrien Skies Wiki: wiki.valkyrienskies.org
Github: github.com/ValkyrienSkies/Valkyrien-Skies
Discord: discord.gg/rG3QNDV



Airship Battle Example: