Clockwork: Create x Valkyrien Skies



Valkyrien Skies: Clockwork is an addon for both VS2 and Create, which acts as a content bridge between the two mods- providing features to both soar around with VS2 using Create mechanics, or supercharge your Create assembly lines with physics and mayhem!


Right now, it is in an early alpha state

Physics Infuser


  • Physics Infuser

 Used with the Wander Wand to infuse objects with physics. Place the Wander Wand in it with its selected area and the process will begin.



Wander Wand


  • Wander wand

 Used with the Physics Infuser to select the area which should be infused with physics.





  • Gravitron

 Used to manipulate physics objects, moving them around.




Phys Bearing


  • Phys Bearing

 Like a Mechanical Bearing except instead of a contraption, it will create a physics object with constraints to the bearing




  • Propeller Bearing

 Like a Windmill Bearing except the windmill will provide force to a physics object its attached to



Alt Meter


  • Alt Meter

 Will output a redstone signal when it has reached its target Y-level




  • Flap Bearing

 Used to make Flaps, power with redstone on either side and rotational force from the back.




  • Flap

 Used to make Flaps, Not rotors on a propeller




  • Wing

 Used to make Wings, Not rotors on a propeller




  • Command Seat

 Provided with rotational force to the bottom, will allow control over the other axis.




  • Redstone Resistor

 Will dampen rotational force with redstone strength




  • Wanderlite Ore

Generates between -64 and 64 but only in deepslate or endstone