Create: Interactive

Create: Interactive

Interact with your Create contraptions in ways never before possible! With Interactive all contraptions behave just like Minecraft blocks, place/destroy blocks to your hearts content!


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Train Derailment
  • The big one everyone has been asking for, Trains can finally derail off of tracks!
  • Trains also keep their momentum and can push other derailed trains while still on their tracks!

 Rotation Propagator Bearing
  • A modified mechanical bearing that propagates rotation to its contraption.
  • Especially useful for Sub-Contraptions!

  • Also included is a disjointed variant, with propagated rotation controlled via an embedded cogwheel.

 Interactive Contraptions
  • Place and destroy blocks on contraptions just like regular Minecraft!

Train Buffer Stop
  • By default trains will roll off of tracks when they reach the end of the line!
  • Use Train Buffer Stops to prevent your train from rolling off the tracks.

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