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Remember Pehkui is required for the mod to work correctly!

(Also remember that you need to use the FORGE version of Pehkui!)

Ever wanted to be more then just a human?

Welcome to CreRaces, this mod is all about different races and how these different races take on different environments, in what ways they can use their abilities to either change or improve everyday things in Minecraft as well as learning how to overcome them!

The Race Selection Crystal is used to change race if you didn't like the race you selected on-startup but remember that it won't work if you've already selected a race so make sure to use The Race Reset Crystal before you can use it. (Creative Only)


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 Favorite Race:


These are the different races as of b1.5:

  + Undead

  + Dwarf

  + Dragonborn

  + Valkyrie

  + Fairy

  + Mermaid

  + Elementalist

  + Golem

  + Dryad

  + Beastmen

  + Giant

  + Elf

  + Velox

  + Pixie

  + Troll

  + Orc

  + Angels

  + Demons (Experimental)

  + Slime

  + Goblin

The different races abilities and purposes are only displayed in-game at the moment.


Plans/Content for the Future:

Concept Races: Potential races that might be added in the future, feel free to suggest races or abilities to pre-existing concepts!

Plans/Development: Plans for the future and how far I have come in different subjects!


Supported Mods:

Mermaid Tail Mod for the Mermaid race, If installed gives the Mermaid users a Deep Sea Necklace.

Wings for the Fairy & Succubus race, If installed gives the Fairy & Succubus users Wings.

Vampirism some races cannot become Vampires.

Werewolves some races cannot become Werewolves.


Incompatible Mods:

Medieval Craft when installed a lot of Vikings will spawn inside of the Fairy Tree for some reason lol

Nicknames of any sort might mess with Pehkui!


Known bugs:

Sometimes the Mermaids underwater effects stay when going on land, they'll refresh if you touch water (no clue why this is happening randomly)

There are a lot of balance problems at the moment and if you happen to see something that's really OP please let me know!

The Nether Portal animation gets screwed up if you have some Overlays active like the Thermometer (toggable using /racegui or with the Thermometer right-click also disables it)

You might under some circumstances get tp'd to the Fairy Tree randomly for unknown reasons. (Yet to be verified)

Character errors in the Description of certain items like the Werewolf Dagger: "�cWerewolf Specific"

All Translations are currently bugged and will be fixed shortly.

Some GUI's for all 1.16.5-b1.5+ versions are either bugged or just doesn't work correctly...


Supported Versions:

1.7.10: N/A: None

1.12.2: N/A: None

1.14.4: N/A: None

1.15.2: L: "Legacy"

1.16.5: LTS: "Long Term Support"

1.17.1: LS: "Limited Support"

1.18.2: FS: "Full Support"

Do Note that CreRaces Classic supports more versions than CreRaces!



1. Will a config be added to the mod? - Yes, use "/creraces config" to access it!

2. Backporting? - Not at the moment but when the mod is finished there is a chance of that happening.

3. Will you add physical features to the races? - Maybe, Sizes and particles are already added but extensions like horns, wings etc will be annoying to add due to me having to position them differently when the player is either crouching, riding, sleeping etc. (But I might go though the trouble in the future)

4. I can't find some races? - Some races are hidden and only accessible by entering the correct code in the race code selection screen. (The button labelled Code)

5. What is AP / AD and what does it do? - It's different kinds of scaling options. (Check the pins in general for more info)

6. Porting? All supported versions are mentioned above /\

7. Fabric? - No, there are a lot of good race mods for Fabric already and I don't really like the Fabric API that much...

8. How does runes and the Elementalist race work? - You'll need to setup a Runic Altar to make Blank Runes in how to do this is shown in the RecipeGuideBook, and after you created the runes of your liking just right-click the air with them to activate each element as the Elementalist.


Use the command c!faq in the discord server for the most accurate Frequently Asked Questions.







  Items/Blocks/Misc - MooseGoneMad, Shubblemc_jojo3





Translations: (Currently broken)

  English - mc_jojo3

  Swedish - intnet1_ & mc_jojo3

  Russian - Destroyer4ik & Semandir






  The Error


  Deadly bro

  Duck Overlord

  Fennyl Foxlyn





These are subject to change!!!


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