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Vampires are fast, strong and blood-thirsty entities, which do not like the sun, but don't fear the night, and the best thing is: You can become one!

This mod allows you to become a vampire with all it's benefits and drawbacks.

After being bitten by a vampire or manually injecting some vampire blood you get an effect called "Sanguinare Vampiris" which eventually turns you into a vampire.

Alternatively you can decide to become a vampire hunter and start fighting those evil creatures.


Get an overview about this mod here: Overview




As a vampire

As a vampire you don't need to eat that dry bread or these strange fruits called "apples", you prefer some red and tasty blood, which you can to suck from animals or preferably villagers. If you are careful they might regenerate their blood over time, but if you suck all their blood at once, they might become vampires as well. You also might notice that you got red eyes and fangs.


In the beginning you are a very normal and weak vampire, but by performing vampiric rituals you can level up and gain new powers. Besides becoming stronger and faster, you get skill points which can be used to unlock abilities like night vision, transformation into a bat, teleport and many more.

However, becoming a strong vampire also has it's drawbacks as you start taking more damage from the sun and have to face stronger vampire hunter. So you probably want to shift your activities to the night, unlock night vision and craft yourself a coffin to sleep through the day. Don't forget to colour your coffin to make it the rest of your home decoration.


Become a vampire hunter

If you don't like vampires, this might mod might still be interesting. You can choose to become a vampire hunter instead and start hunting down those evil vampires. Equipped with crossbows and other useful weapons you can jump into action. By collecting items, fighting strong vampires and exploring the world you can level up and unlock advanced skills which improve your hunting ability or even allow you to use some of the vampires powers.



There are a few additions to the world. Besides new mobs there is a new biome called vampire biome. This foggy biome mostly accommodates vampiric creatures and is the home of vampire barons you need to fight for some ritual items.

Since vampires like to suck blood from villagers, they are now protected by vampire hunters. If too many people in a village are bitten they will call for reinforcements or if it gets too dire, the villagers will just grab their pitchforks and start hunting vampires themselves.

Villages can be controlled by a vampires or hunters which grants them additional benefits. If you want to capture a village you can start a raid.



This mod plays well on multiplayer servers. Players can choose to join the vampire faction or the the hunter faction or even mostly ignore this mod if they want. You also can enable PVP only between factions, so the war between vampires and humans can take place organized.

Most hostile creatures appear in different levels. The strength of a spawned creature is affected by the level of nearby players. Around strong vampire players, strong hunters will spawn, but around normal humans only weak vampires will appear.


For common places (e.g. spawn) you can place (cheat only) sunscreen beacons, so vampires can visit them during the day without taking sun damage.

There also is a Morpheus like config option, where you can specify which percentage of players have to be in a coffin to make it night. Also interesting might be the option to allow/deny players from infecting other human players with vampirism (hunters are immune due to their garlic injection).


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Minecraft 1.7.10

 The 1.7.10 version differs a lot from the the newer version as they are a complete rewrite. Even though they are quite similar there quite a few smaller and larger differences. So if you see videos/tutorials about the 1.7.10 version don't expect that things work the same way in 1.12 or vice-versa.



  1. Install forge (recommend version)
  2. Add this mod to your mods folder
  3. Install GuideAPI (1.12) GuideAPI-VP (1.14+) to get the guide book (optionally, but recommend)
  4. Play :)


How to get started:

Take a look at the in-game GuideBook or check out the wiki.



This mod is highly configurable, besides several general settings you can change a ton of balance related values to your liking or disable parts of the mod you do not like.



More information here:






Please direct all feedback to the Discord server here.

Report issues to the Github or the forum after reading the troubleshooting section.



There are a few known addon mods

Vampirism Integrations: Add compatibility to several other mods

Vampires Need Umbrellas: Add umbrellas for sunprotection

Werewolves (WIP): Become a werewolf

Godly Vampirism: Reduce downsides from being a vampire



This mod is Open Source. The code can be found on Github under the LGPL licence.

It is actively developed by maxanier and Cheaterpaul as much as spare time permits.

You can follow the progress by checking out the repository or following maxanier on Twitter.

If you want to support the development you can give feedback, report issues, help to translate or if you have some coding experience even contribute to the development itself. Coding help is always wanted, alternatively you can develop you own addon mod or mod integration using Vampirism's API.


Official Multiplayer Server

Official Server sponsored by Apex Hosting

There is an official server sponsored by Apex Minecraft Hosting.
This mod anonymously collects very basic version information (mod version/mc version). This respects the MC snooper settings as well as the appropriate config option

We hope you like this mod, please tell us what you like, what you would improve and what you would add!
Created by maxanier,Cheaterpaul,Mistadon,wildbill22
Special thanks to LRA_10, TinkerHatWill, Alis and dimensionpainter for many cool models and texture

Thanks to TheBeastCH for a lot of feedback and suggestions.


And finally thanks to all out translators (in no particular order):

Mushi64, sandmanger, MClove229, nikogo.smag, phpr, kupr.andrew, arroslinka, thisismetsu, follower_of_ASRIEL, guitargamerkuliti, berkcona92, gianluccio, alfanerd, icedark1999, Mazdallier, evernife, petrus_ant, Lumblido, MClove229, kissmate0715, demotrailom668, Jaccob, 008Mi, MisterY_vonvon, dragor2012Taiguk, ilyakazaku2013, FunnHydra, Steelboy05, himarcodollars, RobiFoxx, maurojose1997, raul131652, Icefire


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