Console HUD

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Looking for a Fabric version? Check out Console HUD Fabric, a port by geni!

This mod adds some visual features to your game that are heavily inspired by Console Edition.

It enhances the held item tooltip that is displayed above the hotbar with a lot of useful information, adds a paper doll of the player that shows when they are performing certain actions and makes the hotbar hover above the screen bottom. It also includes an animated chest icon that shows every time the world is saved.


Everything in this mod is highly customisable via the config file. There are plenty of additional options available like more actions for when the paper doll should be shown and a blacklist for certain items or even whole mods from the held item tooltips feature.


Information displayed as a held item tooltip includes:

  • Multiple enchantments are displayed for enchanted items
  • Potions show their effect and duration
  • Shulker boxes display some of their contents (equal contents are summed up, this now also applies to the vanilla tooltip)
  • Firework rockets show their duration and effects
  • Durability of a tool
  • ... and more

The paper doll shows while the player is:

  • Sprinting
  • Swimming
  • Crouching
  • Using creative mode flight
  • Flying with an elytra

In case you are experiencing an issue where the paper doll tends to vanish for a split second now and then when flying using an elytra; go check out RandomPatches (version or newer) by TheRandomLabs which fixes this issue which is caused by a vanilla bug.


The hotbar is shifted a few pixels upwards from the screen bottom. This makes it seem like it is hovering in place. This feature might cause some issues when using other mods that add / change elements having to do with the hotbar.


The animated chest icon is shown every time the current world is saved. This happens every 45 seconds by default and doesn't work outside of singleplayer.


Always display your current position on the screen like in Bedrock Edition. This feature is disabled by default.


The attack damage for tools found within the held item tooltips on Console Edition is missing on purpose from this mod as it is a lot more detailed in Java Edition and would require too much screen space.

This mod runs purely one the client-side. It therefor even works when playing on a vanilla server (apart from the save icon feature which only works in singleplayer anyways).


Thanks to BarracudaATA on whose PrivateAccessor class I built mine on top of.


This mod is available in the public domain. Do whatever you want, use it wherever you want. The source code can be found on Github.


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