Berries and mobs

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Backports stuff from newer minecraft versions and adds my own items and block that i think would fit vanilla minecraft style


-~-Added Stuff-~-

- Cattail and Reeds spawning on sand near oceans and rivers


- Some mobs from Mc Earth mobs (Rip)


- Some Blocks from Minecraft Dungeons


- Backported drowned and ocean ruins with some additional small structures


- Foxes and berries


- Yellow seagrass, and corals spawning in deep ocean


- Nether biomes (they are spawning in the nether normally so there is no additional portal) with more plants and some blocks from Minecraft Dungeons (and some weapons)


- Piglin commiunity


- New basic fish and mysterious Shadow fish


- Overworld quardz ore


- Glowing lichen


- Pillagers, outposts and even working crossbow


- Dripstone caves


- Lush caves


- Ice caves with dynamic Icicles


- New biome caves


- Backported Achievements


- Goats


- Powdered Snow (now snow is snowier than before)


-1.19 features that mojang didn't add because they were "controversial"


- Mud and mud bricks from 1.19



-~-Some images-~-




Mobs and Some game mechanics

Bonemealing- you can bonemeal blocks by clicking on: gravel, sand and dirt to make seagrass and cattail in swamp biome and reeds in river biome, glowing lichen, Glow berries, Crimson nylium and crimson saplings, berries, moss and even roots


Shark- will attack you and drag you underwater if you are near them but besides that they are peaceful


Animal sack- inside has a animal captured by pillagers


Copper block- can be oxidised by using ghast tear and unoxodised using crystalised honey (don't ask me how just accept it)


Fish mobs- Bream and Queen snapper are passive normal fish that you can kill for bonemeal and food


Shadow fish- can live only in the darkness and in water also it can turn crying obsidian into normal one


Drowned-  there's a chance If zombie dies in water it will turn into drowned, they also spawn in ocean ruins


Ostrich- Passive creatures that hide they're head in dirt when night falls


Red panda- This mob can collect blueberries from bushes and pull out roots from rooted dirt


Honey creeper- Doesn't attack you if not provoked, after death it explodes and drops crystalized honey (does not explode while having an weakness effect)


Pillagers- They will spawn in pillager outposts and pillager ships in overworld, only leader pillager can give you Bad omen effect also he can drop unique shield that can't be crafted normally


Wandering trader- If he detects bed in 2 blocks near him he will sleep in it, spawns in purple and blue tents in overworld trade with him to get unique items


Luxury merchant- Same as Wandering trader just trades with crossbows


Nether biomes- Backported biome from 1.16 with unique tree shapes and more plants than usual


Piglins- they work little different than in 1.16, crossbow piglins will attack you when touched if you not wearing golden armor you can trade with them


Piglin Trader- piglin that won't despawn, ever


Hoglins- they will attack you if you won't hold warped fungus (they can't be breed Yet so they are kinda useless atm)


Crossbow- Has cool down but gives more damage than bow (9 dmg)


Heavy Crossbow- 4.0 dmg, craftable (has the same knockback as doom crossbow)


Cog crossbow- 3,5 dmg craftable, shoots two arrows at once


Feral soul crossbow- 8,5 dmg makes funny sound and particles when shoot (Luxury merchant sells it)


Doom crossbow- 5,5 dmg but it gives super knockback (Luxury merchant sells it)


Amethyst artefact- when clicked gives player peaceful sight effect for short amount of time (also copper and amethyst has use now)


Copper wrench- can rotate block and has no durability


Cave rascal- if found he drops raw ore blocks


Mangrove tree- from 1.19 update, spawns in swamps


Peaceful sight- goats won't punch you, foxes won't run away from you, hoglins and sharks won't attack you


Lava cauldron- vanilla ones can be filled with lava but also when a dripstone with lava is above them 1-4 blocks


Soul soil- now will spawn basalt block above if there is lava near it (basically backported basalt generator but with packed ice)











-Why bounding boxes are weird?

mcreator newest plugin for 1.12.2 is broken and doesn't suport bounding boxes


-Why do i see potion particles under mobs

again mcreator newest plugin doesn't support source entities so making player right click on entity is bascially impossible without making overcomplicated solutions like using potions effects


-Why can't you make 1-1 recreation of the existing updates?

it's mcreator mod what did you expect?


-why (insert feature here) is bugged?/broken/some other word to call a bug

mcreator probably bugged during compiling of the mod and i will probably fix that in the next update



Things i probably won't add


-Ocean mechanics Backport

-Improved Villagers


-Stripped wood



-some blocks from 1.14


there is no point of me adding these things because there are already mods that do it and some of them are already finished and stable with they're own configs











go and give them a follow or donate idk, these guys they are awesome and they're mods are awesome <3

This is 1.12.2 only mod no backports or updates to newer versions (mainly because mcreator is very unstable with that and i would have to remake the whole mod)




how to config?

you can use bad mobs mod to configurate this mod (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/bad-mobs)


berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_seagrass1 - removes seagrass from spawning
berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_newcaves1 - removes caves from spawning
berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_pillager_patrol - removes pillager patrols from spawning
berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_mobspawning1 - removes all animals from spawning

berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_newnether1 - removes all crimson forest biome from spawning

berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_newnether2 - removes all basalt biome from spawning

berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_newnether3 - removes all soul sand biome from spawning

berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_newnether4 - removes all warped forest biome from spawning

berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_new_portal_gen - removes portal ruins from spawning

berries_and_mobs_mod:bmm_new_end - removed new end blocks from spawning




You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack.



Pro tip: don't download "Berries and mobs" mod from any other side than curse forge because they have viruses and are intentionaly broken and unplayable and will break you're pc


Made in Mcreator https://mcreator.net

proving that mcreator mods can be good

thx for 2,000 downloads ^^