Brown Mooshrooms

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Brown Mooshrooms is a mod that adds brown mooshrooms. It also renames regular mooshrooms to "Red Mooshroom" to match.


There's two ways to obtain them in survival - they spawn on mooshroom islands in the same quantity as red mooshrooms, and you can also hit a red mooshroom with a lightning bolt to change it into a brown one (the reverse is also true). You can't crossbreed them. They drop the same things as the red mooshroom, except of course brown mushrooms when you shear them.


Summon with 

     /summon brownmooshrooms:brown_mooshroom ~ ~ ~

if you wanna.


Made for Cory Scheviak, who works at Mojang lol: #TeamBrownMooshroom


This mod predates the announcement of brown mooshrooms in 1.14, lol.


This mod is free software, as all mods should be.


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