Frozen Fiend

119,942 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 9, 2021 Game Version: Forge

This mod adds the iceologer from the 2020 mob vote to minecraft 1.12.2

this is based on the brilliant work by the_infamous_1 in his mod Ice Ice Baby for 1.16 in which I based the code and adapted it to work on 1.12

This mod adds:


-The Iceologer: An Illager capable of creating Ice cubes that will float around for a few seconds above it's target before falling to the ground causing considerable damage.

This mob will spawn on the next biomes:


  • Ice plains
  • Ice Spikes biome (mutated ice flats)
  • Extreme hills and variants
  • Cold Taiga (and variants)
  • Frozen Ocean
  • Frozen River
  • Cold Beach
  • Any modded biome that is snowy


-The ice wand: An item that allows the player of being capable of creating their very own ice cubes. Dropped sometimes by killing an Iceologer. Only lasts for 64 uses so use it wisely.


Thank you so much for all the downloads!




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