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Alchemistry (Fabric)


Alchemistry is a Fabric tech mod, inspired by the classic Minechem, that allows you to decompose items into their constituent elements, and then recombine them to create new items. Check out the original Forge version here.



Alchemistry is the ultimate chemistry mod, bringing real life science to Minecraft. We have all of the tools, equipment, and instructions you will need to transmute your own gold and diamonds out of much cheaper materials. Need to make explosives from garden vegetables? We've got you covered on that one also. Our scientists have worked around the clock to bring this technology to you.


Explore chemistry with 7 different machines:

- Dissolver: Break down everything around you into the raw elements that make them up!
- Combiner: Build new items from the elements & compounds you've collected!
Compactor: Compress chemical compounds into more useful items!

- Atomizer: Convert liquids into atoms! Why use bottles and buckets when you can use state-of-the-art phials?
- Liquifier: Turn your new compounds back into liquids! Cover your friends in sulfuric acid, they'll think it's hilarious!
- Fission and Fusion Reactor: Manipulate the atoms themselves, to create new atoms! Lead into gold, silver into platinum


Each of our machines are compatible with item and fluid pipes, so you can automate your life away.
The possibilities are endless in a world of Science and Fun!



Requires ChemLib (Fabric)
Requires Fabric API
Requires a power generation mod (We recommend Tech Reborn )

Optional Patchouli support for a complete guidebook
Optional REI support for custom recipe types


Unofficial Addons

Below are some optional addons that you can install to enhance your gameplay with alchemistry.
If you would like to have your addon featured here, message me!

- Alchemical Drugs: Adds many consumable substances that produce visual and gameplay effects