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ChemLib (Fabric)



ChemLib - Fabric Library

This is a Fabric port of the original ChemLib Forge library by Dark_Arcana. It adds over 950+ items to Minecraft, with the intention of adding all known chemical elements, compounds, metals, liquids, and gases that exists in the real world. The purpose of this library is to provide a shared source of items, blocks, and fluids for chemistry and tech mods. It was originally developed exclusively for the Alchemistry mod but can now be used by any mod!


Chem Lib is a simple mod that adds plenty of chemistry related items including:

  • All 118 chemical elements found on the periodic table.
  • Ingots, nuggets, dusts, and plates for all elements that make sense (i.e. all except for gases, mercury, iron, gold, etc).
  • Dozens of chemical compounds in solid, liquid, gas, and dust forms.
  • Gases and liquids in bucket form (upside-down bucket is for gases, regular bucket is for liquids).
  • Redstone powered gas lamps and metal blocks for all elements that make sense.
  • An interactive periodic table of elements that players can craft.


For Developers

To add this library as a dependency for your mod, check out the GitHub
You can view a list of all available versions by visiting JitPack