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Glacial Awakening

You wake up in a small, dark cavern deep within a glacier. Maybe you can find your way out of the glacier, but that's only the first challenge...


Glacial Awakening is a unique questing pack where you start locked away in a pitch-black 3x3 chamber deep inside a glacier. Breaking out of this chamber resembles the experience of a skyblock where you have limited space and limited resources. Once you break out of this chamber and reach the surface you are guided through an interesting progression surviving in the endless expanse of ice and snow,


Glacial Awakening features the following mods:

  •  Pyrotech
  •  Hearth Well
  •  Magneticraft
  •  Roots 3
  •  Nature's Aura
  •  Astral Sorcery
  •  Ender IO
  •  Industrial Foregoing
  •  Nuclearcraft
  •  Mekanism