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Do you hate auto-jump? Are you too lazy to manually jump when you're traveling? Me too. There are a ton of mods that allow you to step up on blocks instead of jumping, all the way back to the original. The issue is that they don't always get updated or have the exact features a player might want. GWSheridan, creator of Forever Stranded, has requested that I create this very simple mod.

There are some configs if you're interested. By default, the mod will be enabled, you can't smooth step while crouched, and the block height is set to 1.25 blocks, which allows you to step up on some blocks that are slightly taller than 1 block. You can disable the mod (just remove it?), require a boot enchantment, increase the step height for whatever wacky reason you might have, or even enable it while crouching (watch out, you will fall off of cliffs).