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22.7M Downloads Updated Aug 7, 2019 Created Feb 7, 2015

A realm basked in mystery and eerie twilight, you will overpower terrifying creatures and secure...

8.9M Downloads Updated Jul 21, 2019 Created Jun 2, 2017

The Lost Cities is a world generation mod

24.3M Downloads Updated Oct 23, 2018 Created Sep 11, 2016

Use tools. Get modifiers.

24.7M Downloads Updated Jul 12, 2019 Created Feb 24, 2016

Expansive content mod which adds a little bit of everything.

10.2M Downloads Updated Jul 2, 2019 Created Jun 2, 2016

Teleport back to activated waystones. For Survival, Adventure or Servers.

11.2M Downloads Updated Oct 20, 2017 Created Jun 20, 2014

Randomized dungeons, loot and spawners

6.3M Downloads Updated Oct 6, 2019 Created Dec 16, 2015

Adds a variety of sound and visual effects to improve your Minecraft experience

15.8M Downloads Updated Aug 8, 2019 Created Feb 11, 2016

Magic mod that uses the power of stars and constellations

8.9M Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2019 Created Aug 8, 2014

Adds a ton more structure generation, dungeons, and randomized loot - Fully customizable

7.3M Downloads Updated Aug 21, 2019 Created Feb 11, 2014

Causes procedurally generated dungeons rembling Doom levels to be placed in worlds

22.4M Downloads Updated Oct 18, 2018 Created Aug 22, 2014

Thaumaturgy is the capability of a magician to work miracles. This is what this mod...

5.4M Downloads Updated Oct 4, 2019 Created Feb 17, 2015

Diablo Style Modifiers

4.7M Downloads Updated Oct 16, 2019 Created Sep 3, 2017

Adds sleeping bags and hammocks for, respectively, portability and turning day to night, without setting...

3.6M Downloads Updated Nov 29, 2018 Created May 7, 2016

Adds different hooks with launchers which give you ability to climb, abseil, jump off the...

5.5M Downloads Updated Mar 5, 2018 Created Dec 20, 2014

Adds the Bloodmoon event from Terraria to Minecraft

5.8M Downloads Updated Oct 13, 2019 Created Jun 24, 2013

Spices up fishing with a number of new biome specific fish, recipes, and more!

3.5M Downloads Updated Aug 16, 2019 Created Sep 16, 2016

Feel like your experience is worth something

5.7M Downloads Updated Oct 16, 2019 Created Apr 5, 2016

Keeps you from losing your belongings on death by placing them in a grave, with...

3.5M Downloads Updated Oct 6, 2019 Created Jul 26, 2016

Change player/mob health and more! Spiritual successor to Difficult Life.

2.8M Downloads Updated Oct 9, 2019 Created Feb 17, 2015

A structure spawning system