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Monitors Missions, Advancements, and Followers account-wide.

Supports Battle for Azeroth War Campaigns (Garrisons 8.0).


  • Tracks data across all your characters, main and alts, account-wide.
  • Choose what to monitor for each character.
  • Tracks Missions in progress.
  • Tracks Heart of Azeroth Level (tooltip shows Artifact Power to next level).
  • Tracks Artifact Power (AP) percent to next level.
  • Tracks Level and XP percent to next level.
  • Tracks War Resources.
  • Shows new tier Advancement choices available.
  • Shows all previously selected Advancement tiers.
  • Tracks Seal of Wartorn Fate (tooltip shows completion of "Seal of Wartorn Fate" quests).
  • Tracks Troops (orders and durability) and Champions (XP to next quality).
  • Limited LibDataBroker support and options.
  • Slash command /wcc or /warcampaignscomplete will also open and close.


  • Order Automatically (Characters)
  • Current Character First
  • Show Minimap button
  • Show Character Tooltip (Minimap button)
  • Dock Minimap Button (uncheck to drag anywhere on screen)
  • Lock Minimap Button
  • Large Minimap button (intended to be used as a replacement for the Missions Report button)
  • Show Original Missions Report Minimap button (uncheck to hide the default UI Missions Report button)
  • Show Troop Details In Tooltip
  • Show Character Realms
  • Forget Drag Position (w/Center button)
  • Monitor Rows (8-12)
  • Monitor Columns (Change/Reset)
  • Alert [Current Character, Any Character, Disabled] (Flashes Minimap button when an indicator is green, meaning Complete)
  • Alert: Enable or disable for Missions, Advancements, and Troop Work Orders.
  • Alert: Disable in Instances
  • LDB: Source [Current Character, All Characters]
  • LDB: Text Format (includes Labels, (Next: 1 Hr), Character Name)
  • LibDBIcon: Hide LibDBIcon Minimap Button
  • LibDBIcon: Show Character Tooltip

Getting Started

  • Log into a character you want to monitor.
  • Select Characters tab and uncheck what you don't want to monitor.
  • Repeat 1-2 for all characters you want included in this addon.

Bugs & Suggestions

Please make sure you have the latest version and post into the CurseForge.com comments with details and if possible a screenshot. Thank you for taking the time to report an issue, it helps make the addon better for everyone.

Known Issues

  • Actions taken on the WoW Companion App cannot be recorded by the addon. If you make frequent use of the app then using this addon is not advised.
  • Does not account for changes in client computer time. For example, logging in with the addon enabled in a new timezone or after daylight savings time changes will cause small temporary discrepancies.

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