Professions Complete

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Monitors profession cooldowns account-wide, clickable icons to craft cooldowns.

Supports nearly all profession cooldown spells, you may add or remove any cooldown.


  • Select cooldowns to monitor per character
  • Click icons to craft cooldown
  • Characters color coded: Green = All Ready, Orange = Some Ready, Red = All NotReady
  • Option - Minimap button
  • Option - Open with TradeSkill (includes TradeSkillMaster_Crafting and Skillet)
  • Option - Show or hide character realms
  • Slash command /pc or /professionscomplete will also open and close

Profession Cooldowns

These cooldowns are available in the addon as Defaults.

  • Alchemy - Transmute: Iron to Gold, Transmute: Mithril to Truesilver, Transmute: Air to Fire, Transmute: Fire to Earth, Transmute: Earth to Water, Transmute: Water to Air, Transmute: Undeath to Water, Transmute: Water to Undeath, Transmute: Life to Earth, Transmute: Earth to Life, Transmute: Primal Air to Fire, Transmute: Primal Earth to Water, Transmute: Primal Fire to Earth, Transmute: Primal Water to Air, Transmute: Primal Shadow to Water, Transmute: Primal Water to Shadow, Transmute: Primal Mana to Fire, Transmute: Primal Fire to Mana, Transmute: Primal Life to Earth, Transmute: Primal Earth to Life, Northrend Alchemy Research, Transmute: Eternal Life to Shadow, Transmute: Eternal Life to Fire, Transmute: Eternal Fire to Water, Transmute: Eternal Fire to Life, Transmute: Eternal Air to Water, Transmute: Eternal Air to Earth, Transmute: Eternal Shadow to Earth, Transmute: Eternal Shadow to Life, Transmute: Eternal Earth to Air, Transmute: Eternal Earth to Shadow, Transmute: Eternal Water to Air, Transmute: Eternal Water to Fire, Transmute: Ametrine, Transmute: Cardinal Ruby, Transmute: King's Amber, Transmute: Dreadstone, Transmute: Majestic Zircon, Transmute: Eye of Zul, Transmute: Living Elements, Transmute: Pyrium Bar, Transmute: Living Steel, Alchemical Catalyst, Secrets of Draenor Alchemy, Transmute: Savage Blood, Transmute: Blood of Sargeras, Transmute: Cloth to Herbs, Transmute: Cloth to Skins, Transmute: Ore to Cloth, Transmute: Ore to Herbs, Transmute: Skins to Herbs, Transmute: Skins to Ore, Transmute: Fish to Gems, Transmute: Meat to Pants, Transmute: Meat to Pet, Transmute: Primal Sargerite, Wild Transmutation (Rank 1), Wild Transmutation (Rank 2), Wild Transmutation (Rank 3), Transmute: Expulsom, Transmute: Fish to Gems, Transmute: Meat to Pet, Transmute: Cloth to Skins, Transmute: Ore to Gems, Transmute: Ore to Cloth, Transmute: Ore to Herbs, Transmute: Herbs to Cloth, Transmute: Herbs to Ore
  • Blacksmithing - Balanced Trillium Ingot, Lightning Steel Ingot, Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing, Truesteel Ingot
  • Enchanting - Sha Crystal, Temporal Crystal, Secrets of Draenor Enchanting
  • Engineering - Jard's Peculiar Energy Source, Gearspring Parts, Secrets of Draenor Engineering
  • Inscription - Scroll of Wisdom, Secrets of Draenor Inscription, War Paints, Forged Documents
  • Jewelcrafting - Fire Prism, Imperial Amethyst, Primordial Ruby, River's Heart, Sun's Radiance, Vermilion Onyx, Wild Jade, Serpent's Heart, Taladite Crystal, Secrets of Draenor Jewelcrafting
  • Leatherworking - Magnificence of Leather, Magnificence of Scales, Hardened Magnificent Hide, Burnished Leather, Secrets of Draenor Leatherworking
  • Tailoring - Dream of Azshara, Dream of Deepholm, Dream of Hyjal, Dream of Ragnaros, Dream of Skywall, Imperial Silk, Celestial Cloth, Hexweave Cloth, Secrets of Draenor Tailoring

Getting Started

  • Login to a character you want to monitor.
  • Select Characters tab and check what you want to monitor.
  • Repeat 1-2 for all characters you want included in this addon.

Bugs & Suggestions

Please make sure you have the latest version and post into the comments with details and if possible a screenshot. Thank you for taking the time to report an issue, it helps make the addon better for everyone.

Known Issues

  • Does not account for changes in client computer time. For example, logging in with the addon enabled in a new timezone or after daylight savings time changes will cause small temporary discrepancies.
  • The following cooldowns have been found to not work correctly as far as cooldown remaining calculations: Prismatic Sphere, Void Sphere, and Brilliant Glass.

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