This addon is no longer being maintained. It may or may not work with the latest version of World of Warcraft.

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Monitors profession cooldowns account-wide, clickable icons to craft cooldowns.

Supports nearly all profession cooldown spells, and you may add or remove any cooldown.


  • Select cooldowns to monitor per character
  • Click icons to craft cooldown
  • Characters color coded: Green = All Ready, Orange = Some Ready, Red = All NotReady
  • Option - Minimap button
  • Option - Open with TradeSkill (includes TradeSkillMaster_Crafting and Skillet)
  • Option - Show or hide character realms
  • Slash command /pc or /professionscomplete will also open and close

Profession Cooldowns

These cooldowns are available in the addon as Defaults.

  • Alchemy - Transmute: Iron to Gold, Transmute: Mithril to Truesilver, Transmute: Air to Fire, Transmute: Fire to Earth, Transmute: Earth to Water, Transmute: Water to Air, Transmute: Undeath to Water, Transmute: Water to Undeath, Transmute: Life to Earth, Transmute: Earth to Life, Transmute: Primal Air to Fire, Transmute: Primal Earth to Water, Transmute: Primal Fire to Earth, Transmute: Primal Water to Air, Transmute: Primal Shadow to Water, Transmute: Primal Water to Shadow, Transmute: Primal Mana to Fire, Transmute: Primal Fire to Mana, Transmute: Primal Life to Earth, Transmute: Primal Earth to Life, Northrend Alchemy Research, Transmute: Eternal Life to Shadow, Transmute: Eternal Life to Fire, Transmute: Eternal Fire to Water, Transmute: Eternal Fire to Life, Transmute: Eternal Air to Water, Transmute: Eternal Air to Earth, Transmute: Eternal Shadow to Earth, Transmute: Eternal Shadow to Life, Transmute: Eternal Earth to Air, Transmute: Eternal Earth to Shadow, Transmute: Eternal Water to Air, Transmute: Eternal Water to Fire, Transmute: Ametrine, Transmute: Cardinal Ruby, Transmute: King's Amber, Transmute: Dreadstone, Transmute: Majestic Zircon, Transmute: Eye of Zul, Transmute: Living Elements, Transmute: Pyrium Bar, Transmute: Living Steel, Alchemical Catalyst, Secrets of Draenor Alchemy, Transmute: Savage Blood, Transmute: Blood of Sargeras, Transmute: Cloth to Herbs, Transmute: Cloth to Skins, Transmute: Ore to Cloth, Transmute: Ore to Herbs, Transmute: Skins to Herbs, Transmute: Skins to Ore, Transmute: Fish to Gems, Transmute: Meat to Pants, Transmute: Meat to Pet, Transmute: Primal Sargerite, Wild Transmutation (Rank 1), Wild Transmutation (Rank 2), Wild Transmutation (Rank 3), Transmute: Expulsom, Transmute: Fish to Gems, Transmute: Meat to Pet, Transmute: Cloth to Skins, Transmute: Ore to Gems, Transmute: Ore to Cloth, Transmute: Ore to Herbs, Transmute: Herbs to Cloth, Transmute: Herbs to Ore, Transmute: Herbs to Anchors
  • Blacksmithing - Balanced Trillium Ingot, Lightning Steel Ingot, Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing, Truesteel Ingot
  • Enchanting - Sha Crystal, Temporal Crystal, Secrets of Draenor Enchanting
  • Engineering - Jard's Peculiar Energy Source, Gearspring Parts, Secrets of Draenor Engineering
  • Inscription - Scroll of Wisdom, Secrets of Draenor Inscription, War Paints, Forged Documents
  • Jewelcrafting - Fire Prism, Imperial Amethyst, Primordial Ruby, River's Heart, Sun's Radiance, Vermilion Onyx, Wild Jade, Serpent's Heart, Taladite Crystal, Secrets of Draenor Jewelcrafting
  • Leatherworking - Magnificence of Leather, Magnificence of Scales, Hardened Magnificent Hide, Burnished Leather, Secrets of Draenor Leatherworking
  • Tailoring - Dream of Azshara, Dream of Deepholm, Dream of Hyjal, Dream of Ragnaros, Dream of Skywall, Imperial Silk, Celestial Cloth, Hexweave Cloth, Secrets of Draenor Tailoring

Getting Started

  • Login to a character you want to monitor.
  • Select Characters tab and check what you want to monitor.
  • Repeat 1-2 for all characters you want included in this addon.

Bugs & Suggestions

Please make sure you have the latest version and post into the Curse.com comments with details and if possible a screenshot. Thank you for taking the time to report an issue, it helps make the addon better for everyone.

Known Issues

  • Does not account for changes in client computer time. For example, logging in with the addon enabled in a new timezone or after daylight savings time changes will cause small temporary discrepancies.
  • The following cooldowns have been found to not work correctly as far as cooldown remaining calculations: Prismatic Sphere, Void Sphere, and Brilliant Glass.
  • Professions frame closes when clicking cooldowns after opening the profession frame using a profession specialization button such as Transmute Master or Gnomish/Goblin Engineer. To avoid this behavior, please open professions using the primary profession button such as Alchemy or Engineering. Thanks to CurseForge user, imjayc2, for discovering the correlation. The function that leads to the close in these circumstances is C_TradeSkillUI.OpenRecipe( recipeID ), so I would consider this a WoW API bug in patch 10.0.2.

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