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NoobTacoUI is an ElvUI Profile that uses the Nord Theme Color palette. The theme is dark, just not as dark as default ElvUI.


  • Retail (Shadowlands)
  • Classic
  • Burning Crusade Classic
  • Wrath of the Lich King Classic

No need to download separate installs for different versions. All game versions are now contained in one download.


  • NoobTacoUI is a dark theme based off of the popular Nord Theme. It is not as contrasty as the default profile in an attempt to reduce eye strain from prolonged WoW sessions.
  • Modern font's making it easier to read information text and game text.
  • Elite unitframe overlay. The default elite dragon fits perfectly with NoobTacoUI's target unitframe. With option to toggle overlay.
  • DPS/Tank and Healer profile setup.

Download from your favorite addon hosts

Feel free to use any of the supported download managers.


  1. [REQUIRED] Download and install ElvUI
  2. Download and install NoobTacoUI

Once installed start wow and follow the instructions for ElvUI. When ElvUI is finished it will reload the UI and NoobTacoUI will start its installation. Accept the options and reload.

For best results log out of your character and then back in. This will allow the nameplate text to show the correct font.


Found a bug? Have a feature request?

If you find a bug or would like to request a feature, please fill out an issue on my GitHub Repository CLICK HERE

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Nord Theme Colors


Healing 25 man layout


Healing 40 man layout


NobTacoUI Settings


Memory usage