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This addon is no longer being maintained. It may or may not work with the latest version of World of Warcraft.

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Find and buy the lowest buyout Mounts, Pets, Toys, Appearances, and Recipes.

Incompatible with Auctioneer addon

Patch 8.3.0 brought a major overhaul to the Auction House. CollectionShop's Live scan feature is temporarily disabled until it can be fixed.


  • Standalone addon that creates it's own tab on the Auction House for collection shopping.
  • Displays models for Mounts, Pets, Appearances, and Recipes in Blizzard's Side Dress Up frame.
  • Appearance categories (armor and weapons) and Recipes are for the current player.
  • Perform a GetAll or Live scan of the Auction House.
  • Buy All - Allows quickly buying all results from first to last (use with caution).


  • Quality - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic
  • Category, Pet Family
  • Not Collected for all modes
  • Collected (1-2/3) and Collected (3/3) for Pets
  • Collected - Unknown Sources for Appearances
  • Collected - Known Sources for Appearances
  • Pet Levels
  • Required Player Level Ranges (Appearances)
  • Group Pets By Species (uncheck to view all level, rarity, breed combos)
  • Required Level above player's level
  • Requires Profession beyond player's skill
  • Requires Riding Skill (Mounts)
  • Non-set Items (Appearances)
  • Crafted by a Profession


  • Auctions Won Reminder - Reminds you to use or equip auctions you've won after leaving CollectionShop
  • Max Item Price - Discard auctions beyond a desired gold amount (mode specific)
  • Item Value Source - TradeSkillMaster users can use a price source or custom price source to add the result column "% Item Value"
  • Auto-select After Auction Unavailable - Toggles whether to select the next cheapest auction of the same appearance, same pet, etc. when an auction is no longer available.

Bugs & Suggestions

Please make sure you have the latest version and post into the comments with details and if possible a screenshot. Thank you for taking the time to report an issue, it helps make the addon better for everyone.

Known Issues

  • After closing CollectionShop you must learn the auctions you won to exclude them from future Shop results.
  • Any "Scan" in CollectionShop on any realm within 15 minutes of your last "Scan" in CollectionShop or "Full Scan" / "Replication Scan" in any other addon will result in perpetual waiting for the scan to begin in CollectionShop. This is because Blizzard only allows a single full scan of the AH every 15 minutes, but they no longer provide a method to determine if that scan is available for use.
  • With the exception of recipe items in "Recipes" mode, items that require a specialization of a profession you've learned (e.g. Gnomish or Goblin Engineer for Engineers) won't be filtered out.
  • Alt-Tabbing can reduce your scan speed due to Blizzard's "System > Advanced > Max Background FPS" setting.
  • Does not consider connected realms, requires auction data for character's realm.
  • Pets - A few require reputation with a faction or individual and won't be filtered out.
  • Live scan is temporarily disabled until it can be fixed to work with patch 8.3.0+.

Planned Features

  • Fix Live scan feature.
  • Filter for uncollected/collected breeds of Battle Pets (suggested by dsmania).

Addons by cmc3215