Broker Everything

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  1. Achievements
    • Broker to show earned achievements and the curent tracking list
  2. Archaeology
    • Broker to show archaeology factions with fragments, keystones and necessary amount of fragments to solve artifacts
  3. Artifact weapon
    • Broker to display informations about your obtained artifact weapons on broker and in tooltip
  4. Bags
    • Broker to show total, used and free slots of your bags
  5. Calendar
    • Broker to show calendar events and invitations
  6. Chat Channels
    • Broker to show count of users of all chat channels
  7. Class specs
    • Broker to show and switch your character specializations
  8. Clock
    • Broker to show local and/or realm time
  9. Currency
    • Broker to show your currencies
  10. Difficulty
    • Broker to show current group and instance modes
  11. Dungeons
    • Broker to display a list of all available dungeons across extensions. A second tooltip will be displayed on mouseover an entry and display a list of your other toons and there status (completed or not).
  12. Durability
    • Broker to show durability of your gear and estimated repair costs
  13. Emissary Quests
    • Broker to show world quests
  14. Equipment
    • Broker to show current equipped items and list & modify equipment sets
    • Broker to show a list of your follower with level, quality, experience and more
  16. FPS
    • Broker to show your frames per second in broker button and current session min/max in tooltip
  17. Framenames
    • Broker to show name of frames under the mouse
  18. Friends
    • Broker to show you which friends are online on realm and BattleNet
  19. Game Menu
    • Broker to show combined list of click-able elements from game menu, microbutton bar. It is not recommended to use it in combat.
  20. Garrison
    • Broker to show garrison buildings, worker, active work orders, available blueprints, depending achievements and gives you a garrison cache forecast for all your chars
  21. Gold
    • Broker to show gold of all your chars and lost and earned money for the current session
  22. GPS
    • Broker to show the name of the current zone and the coordinates
  23. Guild
    • Broker to show guild message of the day, your guild reputation, guild members, applicants and mobile app users
  24. Guild log
    • Broker to show last entries of the guild log
  25. IDs
    • Broker to show locked raids, dungeons and world bosses
  26. Invasions
    • Broker to show timer for current active invasions (or assaults) with zone name and a adjustable list of future appointments
  27. Latency
    • Broker to show current home and world latency
  28. Location
    • Broker to show your current coordinates
  29. Mail
    • Broker to show incoming mails and stored mails on all your chars
  30. Memory
    • Broker to show memory usage summary and single addons usage
  31. Missions
    • Broker to show active and available missions for your followers and ships
  32. Nameplates
    • Broker to show clickable nameplates options
  33. Notes
    • Broker to give you a very simple option to note down some informations. A list of notes in tooltip and with a click on it will be opens a small window you can edit it.
  34. Order hall
    • Broker to display order hall upgrade tree and work orders from order hall and kitchen
  35. Professions
    • Broker to show your profession skills and cooldowns
  36. Quest Log
    • Broker to show count of quests in your quest log and quest titles in tooltip
  37. Raids
    • Broker to display a list of all available raids across extensions. A second tooltip will be displayed on mouseover an entry and display a list of your other toons and there status (completed or not).
  38. Reputation
    • Broker to show faction standing of your character
  39. Ships
    • Broker to show your naval ships with level, quality, xp and more
  40. Speed
    • Broker to show swimming, walking, riding and flying speed in broker button, a list of riding skills and currently active speed bonuses
  41. Stuff
    •  Broker to allow you to do...Stuff! Switch to windowed mode, reload ui, logout and quit.
  42. Surprise
    • Broker to have an eye on your surprise item. What is a suprise item? Anything thats needs some days to open it and thats loot-able after the time. Can contain random objects like mounts, companions and more.
  43. System
    • Broker to show system infos like fps, traffic, latency and memory in broker and tooltip
  44. Tanaan Jungle Dailies
    • Broker to show a list of solved/solvable tanaan jungle bosses, dailys, weeklys and bonus zones
  45. Tracking
    • Broker to show current tracking list with option to change it
  46. Traffic
    • Broker to show the traffic between blizzard and your game client
  47. Volume
    • Broker to show current volume and in tooltip all changeable audio options
  48. Wardrobe
    • Broker to show count of collected transmog templates
  49. WoWToken
    • Broker to show current amount of gold for a WoW Token
  50. XP
    • Broker to show experience from all chars in tooltip and the current character in broker button
  51. ZoneText
    • Broker to show the name of the current zone