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Short description

A library to easy coloring strings by hex codes, color tables, class names, color names and more.

Supported types

  • hex code with 8 and 6 characters. [<alpha>]<red><green><blue> like 9E342C (alpha is optional)
  • color table in two variants: { <red[number]>, <green[number]>, <blue[number]>, <alpha[number](optional)> } or { ["r"] = <{ <red[number]>, ["g"] = <green[number]>, ["b"] = <blue[number]>, ["a"] = <alpha[number](optional)> }
  • class names supports english and localized names on non english clients
  • ITEM_QUALITY_COLORS as quality[number] and lower string version of ITEM_QUALITY[number]_DESC
  • or keywords
    • playerclass will be relaced with the current players class color
  • second parameter must not be a string to coloring it
    • not set second parameter returns hex color code
    • the string "colortable" as second parameter returns the requested color as color table

To use in addons

lib = LibStub("LibColors-1.0")



convert a number between 0 and 1 into a hex code between 00 and ff
 string = lib:num2hex( number ) 
converts numeric or associative color tables into a 8 character long hex color code.
assoc_table = { r = 0.8, g = 0.8, b = 0.1, a = 1 }
numeric_table = {
	0.8, -- red
	0.8, -- green
	0.8, -- blue
	1 -- alpha
string = lib:colorTable2HexCode( table )
any not defined or nil table entry will be ignored.
an empty table returns the hex code for the color white.
converts a hex code into a color table
 table = lib:hexCode2ColorTable( string ) 
add a single color code
 lib:colorset( string, string or table ) 
or add a list of color codes
table = { ["color name"] = color string or color table }
lib:colorset( table ) 
create a colored string like |c<color><string>|r
 string = lib:color( color, string )
as first parameter you can use colors names, color tables or keywords
currently implemented keyword for color are "playerclass"
as second parameter you can use normal text or a keyword
currently implemented keyword for second parameter are "colortable"
that returns the requested color as colortable.
the parameter are optional and used to return matching color names.
 table = lib:getNames( [string] )

Available colors

Direct integrated
colors = {
	-- basic colors
	yellow = "ffff00",
	orange = "ff8000",
	red    = "ff0000",
	violet = "ff00ff",
	blue   = "0000ff",
	cyan   = "00ffff",
	green  = "00ff00",
	black  = "000000",
	gray   = "808080",
	white  = "ffffff",
	-- wow money colors
	money_gold   = "ffd700",
	money_silver = "eeeeef",
	money_copper = "f0a55f",
Color sets in extra files
You can find 3 files named colors_<name>.lua in the directory and in LibColors-1.0.xml the lines to use it.
The sources for the color sets are on top of the files.


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