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Vex Modded Reflections

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 Resourcepack to change some models from mods I think that need a rework. And a lot of reflective surfaces. The Model changes work without shaders. Reflective and glowing surfaces need shaders!


Seperate mod support:

  • The Vault 75% (New model for Obelisk. Glowing Ores and reflective items)
  • Create (Everything Copper related and part Brass) 50%
  • Ironchests 100%
  • Compact Machines 100%
  • Oh the biomes you'll go 5%? 10/15 blocks just to make the vault from the modpack Vault Hunters better visible with shaders!


Vault Hunters 1.16.5 

From this modpack we support a lot of different blocks in the vaults! A lot of blocks in the hallways and a bunch of blocks inside of the rooms themself! A custom obelisk model and texture. Fancy glowing ore textures and much more!








 Install instructions:

1 Download this resource pack.

1.2 Download: Optifine 1.16.5.

1.3 Download Complementary Shaders

1.4 Download this shader settings. LINK


2. Place the Optifine.jar inside of the mods folder

2.1 Put the Vex Modded Reflections resource pack inside of the Resource Pack folder.

2.2 Put the and the .txt file you downloaded at step 1.4 inside of the Shaderpacks folder


3. Enjoy!




 Credits: Poudingue for Vanilla Normals Renewed [LINK]