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FAQ - fully artificial questions

Q: Another "grow your resources" mod? Why should I use it?
A: Yes, a part of PlantTech 2 is a "grow your resources" mod. But the crops are more then resource machines: 
- They are obtainable by crossbreeding from vanilla crops to almost every resource crop.

- Every crop have traits that effects growspeed, drops, etc. These traits can be increased by crossbreeding. 

- Almost every aspect of the crops (as parents, drops, soil) are configuratable.  

- And for the sciencelovers: genetic engineering!

Q: And thats all?
A: PlantTech 2 contains a lot more: 
- Machines with cables and upgrades

- A machine to fully automate your farming
- Armor

- And so much more thats will be added in the Future


 Q: And which crops are supported?

abyssalnite, adamantine, allium, aluminum, aluminum_brass, alumite, amber, apatite, aquamarine, ardite, awakened_draconium, azure_bluet, basalt, beast, beetroots, black_quartz, blaze, blitz, blizz, blue_topaz, blue_orchid, brass, bronze, cactus, carrot, certus_quartz, chicken, chimerite, chorus, chrome, coal, cobalt, cocoa_bean, cold_iron, compressed_iron, conductive_iron, constantan, copper, coralium, cornflower, cow, creeper, dancium, dandelion, dark_gem, dark_steel, desh, diamond, dirt, draconium, dreadium, drowned, electrical_steel, electrotine, electrum, elementium, emerald, end_steel, ender_amethyst, ender_biotite, enderdragon, enderium, enderman, endstone, energetic_alloy, fish, fluix_crystal, fluxed_electrum, ghast, glowstone, glowstone_ingot, gold, graphite, guardian, husk, illager, invar, iridium, iron, kanekium, kinnoium, knightslime, lapis, lava, lead, lenthurium, lilly_of_the_valley, lithium, lumium, magma_cube, magnesium, malachite, manasteel, manyullyn, melon, meteoric_iron, mithril, moonstone, mooshroom, mushroom, mycelium, nether_wart, netherrack, neutronium, nickel, octine, orange_tulip, osmium, oxeye_daisy, panda, parrot, peridot, pig, pink_tulip, plantium, platinum, polarbear, poppy, potato, prismarin, pulsating_iron, pumpkin, quartz, quicksilver, red_tulip, redstone, redstone_alloy, refined_obsidian, rock_crystal, rubber, ruby, saltpeter, sand, sapphire, sheep, shulker, signalum, silicon, silver, skeleton, sky_stone, slate, slime, slimy_bone, snow, soularium, soulsand, spider, sponge, squid, star_steel, starmetal, steel, stone, stray, sugarcane, sulfur, sunstone, syrmorite, tanzanite, terrasteel, thaumium, tin, titanium, topaz, tungsten, turtle, uranium, valonite, vibrant_alloy, villager, vine, vinteum, void_metal, water, wheat, white_tulip, witch, wither, wither_rose, wither_skeleton, wood, yellorium, zinc, zombie, zombie_pigman, zombie_villager













All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated(10.09.2015 by Chrisland (Ingamename: Kaneka).

You are allowed to:

  • play the mod
  • use the mod in your modpack(private and public)
  • making videos about the mod
  • posting the mod on your webside(but only if my name is mentioned and link my forum thread!!!)
  • using my images (but don’t do your waterbranding on it and mention the source of them!!!)


You are not allowed to

  • Say that you made the mod
  • make your own download link for planttech, use the one from curse forge linked in the download section
  • copy the code, textures and models of this mod


It is possible to add/change some settings for the crops.

For 1.12


Change/add the lines in config/planttech2/cropparents.txt
The format is: 
<crop>=<parent1>+<parent2>,<chance to mutate>

0.1 = 10%
But there is always a chance of 50% that one of the parents is choosen




Change/add the lines in config/planttech2/cropsoils.txt
The format is: 




When not set, the default soil is used




Change/add the lines in config/planttech2/croptemperature.txt
The format is: 


When not set, the default temperature NORMAL is used.



Change/add the lines in the config/planttech2/cropblacklist.txt

The format is: 



Compressor Recipes

Change/add the lines in the config/planttech2/recipescompressor.txt
The format is: 

<mod of input>:<input item/block>,<meta input>,<mold>,<mod of output>:<output item/block>,<meta output>,<amount output>


Instead of the mod, you can use "oredict" to use the ore dictionary.

When there are errors in this file, the console will tell you where the problem is. 

 For 1.13.2 and above

Cropconfigurations can be changed by using data packs. 
You need to create the folder pt2_crops in your data pack and use the name of the crop you want to override. 
As an example: We change the seeds for the dirt crop to carrots and coal. 
The file pt2_crops/dirt.json would look like: 


When not overwriting things things in the file, they will stay as default. 
When you want to delete things, just make it empty. Like 



Here is a overview of all configurations with comments:

    "_comment1": "When not enabled, crops will have no parents and will not be shown in plantencyclopedia",
    "enabled": true,
    "_comment2": "0 = extreme Cold, 1 = cold, 2 = normal, 3 = warm, 4 = extreme warm",
    "temperature": 1,
    "_comment3": "Allow these items to be used as seeds for this crop when clicking on crop bars",
    "seeds": [
    "_comment4": "Add possible drops to this crop. Droprate depends on productivity trait", 
            "item": "minecraft:diamond",
            "min": 0, 
            "max": 4
            "tag": "forge:block/iron",
            "min": 0, 
            "max": 2
            "item": "planttech2:dancium_block", 
            "min": 1, 
            "max": 5
    "parents": [
            "_comment": "The order of the partner doesnt matter",
            "_comment2": "Chance to mutate in %",
            "partner_1": "enderdragon",
            "partner_2": "enderman",
            "chance": 5
            "partner_1": "dirt",
            "partner_2": "diamond",
            "chance": 2.5
            "partner_1": "copper",
            "partner_2": "tin", 
            "chance": 6
        "block": "minecraft:soil"

 This System is a bit complex and if there is any bug/suggestion, please let me know. 




Special Thanks

  • andrew0300 for the nice textures and models!
  • FreeseStudio and FrachlitzStudio(Discord: FrachlitzStudio#0392)  for the russian localization!
  • sciwhiz12 for code clean up and improvements!


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