WildNature | A Wilder Experience

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We're rewriting the whole mod for 1.18+! Coding help needed! Ask if you can help on Discord!

WildNature Logo


No Distance is too far
Explore the unlimited Minecraft World with epic WildNature generator

211 new and unique biomes


Beauty overhead
WildNature has trees from every place on the world! For sure you’ll find your favorite

27 new tree types

595 new tree structures


Nature is growing
See the real beauty, in every color!

224 new plants


Forget about everything
Admire and relax in WildNature’s giant forests

11 new mushrooms

5 new grass blocks


Go deeper
Immerse yourself in the darkness of the caves

7 new rocks

8 new ores


New face of caves
Don’t be bored with default caves. New cave generator, glowing mushrooms, stalagmites, icycles and roots will give you more unusual adventures.
18 new cave plants

5 new crystals


Swim... underground
Go on an underground adventure with a boat! WildNature adds underground rivers. You have to check that!

7 new underground biomes


Eat what you like
Find food on trees, grass and wild farms, then cook what you like most with WildNature advanced cooking system.
80 new fruits and vegetables

130 new meals


Not only nature

Construct advanced mechanisms with new exciting components.
15 new redstone components


Build what you want
With new bricks, planks, parquets and furnitures you can build epic buildings, or just a house.
Huge dungeon update is coming, with new weapons and rework of all rock textures.

over 500 new decorational blocks







     Beta 1.18

1.18 versions are based on Terrablender and are now out for Beta! Actively developed by rodrigo_cz (Discord), leave him suggestions and of course - hugs!

Another version of WildNature with own epic world generator is developed separately, more info soon.





Enjoy the wilderness!

created by matez and the WN Team

made in Poland