Complementary Shaders v4

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Uploaded Mar 11, 2022
Game Version 1.19   +12
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Changelog v4.4:
- Improved fake shadow switching calculation to better hide the point where the shadow distance ends
- Improved the quality of Bloom on high screen resolutions
- Improved the quality of Aurora reflections
- Tweaked the Overworld Border Fog to appear farther from the player, similar to the fog tweak of Mc 1.18
- Added "Nether Refraction" option which adds heat refraction to the nether in the distance. Set to "Subtle" by default
- Added support for the "Darkness" fog and lighting effect, also including intense bloom (Mc 1.19)
- Added support for the bioluminescent layers and animations of the Warden (Mc 1.19)
- Added "Underwater Bloom Strength" slider
- Added "Subsurface Scatter Quality" slider to smoothen the noise on subsurface scattered blocks
- Added "Sun/Moon Horizon" option to be able to disable sun/moon/overlays fading out below the horizon level
- Added "White" Vignette option
- Added "Rain Waving Intensity Mult" slider
- IntegratedPBR Changes:
   - Added emission and speculars to the Ancient City blocks (Mc 1.19)
   - Added noticeable specular reflections to most overworld ores when they are set to not be emissive
   - Improved Auto-Generated Normals to have a smoother falloff
   - Improved the Fancy Nether Portal effect with some parallax fade out
   - Improved the End Portal effect
   - Auto-Generated Normals and Noise Coated Textures now also apply to all block entities like chests
   - Fixed Glowstone and Magma Block looking noisy in the distance
   - Fixed Command Blocks having incorrect emission on Iris
   - Fixed lanterns getting too bright when Specular Reflections are disabled
   - Fixed Glowing Redstone/Lapis Block options not working well with the Snow Mode option
   - Fixed Auto-Generated Normals and/or Noise Coated Textures looking incorrect with some resource packs or mods
   - Added "RP Compatible Generation" option for Auto-Generated Normals and Noise Coated Textures to work better with resource packs that contain textures that have different resolutions
   - Tweaked active Conduits to also be emissive on the center
   - Slightly tweaked reflections and noise coating on most Stripped Wood/Log blocks
   - Removed handheld lava bucket emissive pixels because it caused problems
   - Reduced emission on Copper Ore
   - Reduced emission on Block of Lapis/Redstone (if enabled)
- Reduced lighting color saturation in the Nether
- Rain puddles now also appear near light sources if Rain Puddle Coverage is set to 100
- The "Vanilla / RTX-ish" profile now has Auto-Generated Normals enabled by default
- Tweaked Enderman and Spider emission when IntegratedPBR is disabled
- Fixed slightly shaking screen in Mc 1.12.2 and below
- Fixed the Optifine bug where the block breaking animation gets distorted if a beacon beam is somewhere close
- Fixed stars disappearing below an altitude of 0
- Fixed the ears and chest of the Warden looking glitchy (Mc 1.19)
- Fixed rain causing visual problems on some servers
- Fixed disabling water caustics and enabling rain puddles at the same time causing the visuals to break
- Fixed Subsurface Scattering being disabled causing foliage to have incorrect lighting
- Fixed beacon beams not showing up in Mc 1.7.10
- Fixed Water Refraction causing the water to look weird in Mc 1.7.10
- Fixed weather particles not being affected by handheld lighting
- Fixed Water Displacement waves still happening in closed areas (only fixed on Mc 1.18 and above)
- Fixed "Modern Life" mod's canvases looking incorrect with Parallax Occlusion Mapping
- Water Opacity slider is now capped at 0.99 to fix two problems
- Rainbow Selection Outline Mode is now more affected by the Intensity slider for outlines
- The Blur Strength slider can now also be set to 48.0