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This pack originally was going to be a private resource pack and was inspired by the Bare Bones resource pack, but even more simplistic.

But the more I thought about it, along with constant bickering from my friends about making it public, I just snapped and now I'm writing the description for it.

Most of the pack is unfinished, about a 26% is finished.



Painfully simplistic 16x textures.

Retains most of the colors and shapes from the original Minecraft textures.

labPBR support. (specular and emissive maps.)

And splash texts designed to make you confused.



VoxelRoguery in Twitter for the confusing splash texts.

JoubaMety in the shaderLabs discord for showing me how to do emissive maps.


Optifine is recommended.


Recommended shaders:


BSL: Link (bsl is recommended for shader support, others work fine but reflections may look a bit off)

Rutherin's Raspberry Shaders: Link 

Chocapic13's v8 Shaders: Link

Sildur's Vibrant Shaders: Link

Builder's Quality Of Life (or QOL) Shaders: Link

RRE36's Vanilla Plus Shaders: Link

Dakotah2468's BBVR Shaders: Link


I'm in the shaderLabs discord server btw: Link


Thank you.


(if updates get a bit sparse, blame it on stress and online schoolwork)



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