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If you see my pack has 1k downloads, but not any of my files says that it has 1k downloads, ive archived one of my older files due to it being download botted. but curseforge saves the downloads anyways. i hope you understand.


This resource pack was born a day after Rutherin's birthday. 4/17/2020, as a gift.

If you don't know who Rutherin is, I'll give you a summary.

She is a gifted shader developer, a texture artist, a modeler, a cutie, an expertise in her field that constantly proves me wrong cause I don't even have the bare minimum knowledge of OpenGL, or anything really, and an awesome, loveable person.



Hand-drawn textures made by my hands.

labPBR support (specular maps, normal maps and emissive maps).

Custom music disc music. (all of them are not copyrighted btw)


Shader recommended:


Rutherin's Raspberry Shaders: Link


Other shaders recommended:

(here are some alternatives if raspberry doesnt work on your gpu for whatever reason.)


Capt Tatsu's BSL Shaders: Link

Sildur's Vibrant Shaders: Link

RRe36's Nostalgia Shader: Link

RRe36's VPlus Shader: Link

June’s Melon Shader: Link

RRe36's Simplicissimus Shader: Link


(go and support rutherin on patreon, she deserves all the support she has.)


I'm in the shaderLabs discord btw: Discord

Meet Rutherin (and me) in her server: Discord



Big thanks goes to Flat Jim on the Barazoku server for showing me how to do normals correctly on the Materalize tool and introduce me to the Runorama mod. was used to make this pack.
Normal maps were generated through Bounding Box Software's Materalize tool: Link

Panorama was made with Runorama: Link
Custom music discs:

  • C418 - Ki used on C418 - Mutation

  • Downtown Binary - Midnight Tokyo used on music disc Mall.

  • C418 - Beton used on music disc Blocks.

  • C418 - Leak used on music disc Cat.


Big thanks and hugs to: qweebo, rutherin, Snurf, xirreal, dakine, Prismatic Spirit and Chloe in Barazoku for giving me the energy and confidence to keep working on this pack.


Honourable mentions go to C418, his music is godlike.

Support him through:


This pack wouldn't have been where it is now without all of you~

- alex




Alternatively, my GitHub:


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