Tea Shaders

127,977 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 31, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

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Minecraft version does not matter with my shaders! It should work on all versions that have Optifine
Welcome to my new project! This one is based around adding a little bit extra to vanilla Minecraft and doing so in a fully customizable way.


 ROTN Nether


Current Features
  • Waving grass / leaves
  • Waving Water
  • Customizable watercolor with 3 settings for texture and biome effects
  • Custom swamp biome effect (more biome effects planned)
  • Selection box custom color toggle
  • Dof
  • Customizable fog (including underwater).
  • Celshading
  • Improved FXAA
  • SSAO
  • HDR
  • Tonemapping
  • TAA
  • Underwater refraction effect
  • Nether heat refraction effect
  • And more!!


Click here to see my plans for Tea Shader



Some Gameplay / a trailer with the shader using the Rebirth Of The Night modpack. (Might be tweaked, I didn't ask.)