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TNP Limitless 3 - LL3

 A Modpack for Forge 1.16.5
Lead Pack Developer
Official GitHub Link: GitHub.com/TNP-Limitless-3 

You can always check out the latest Changelog here: GitHub.com/TNP-Limitless-3/Changelog   

⚡ A big tech mod that can be found in Limitless 3 is Mekanism, along with all other modules. This mod is a big one allowing you to do lots of different stuff in the Tech Category! Create machines like the Digital Miner which works like a Wireless Quarry, or a Fusion Reactor, double your ores and more, there's a lot of possibilities!


🧬 Included in the pack are a bunch of Quality of Life mods to make your experience just a tad bit nicer!

📜 Quests! Yes, there are 1540+ Quests available, (32 Chapters)

Check the Images tab and scroll down for screenshots of the Chapters.
Rewards are mostly Loot Bags, Loot Bag Pieces & some other items.

🏘️ There's new building blocks, new variants of stairs, slabs & walls! Oh, and also Vertical Slabs!


🌲 There's tons of new biomes spicing up the world, new trees, new flowers & more! Check the Images tab to see some of the available biomes. These Biomes are added by the mod Oh The Biomes You'll Go !

🍗 There's ALOT of new food items in the game added by the mod Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core / Food Extended!

🌌 🌠 The Void Dimension. You can craft a Void Dimension Portal and travel to a Void Dimension. This is an empty dimension with a Day & Night cycle, mob spawns and some other overworld features. A great place for those who doesn't want any terrain or maybe just want to live in the void.
Mod: Just Another Void Dimension

🌎 While we're on the subject of Dimensions, TNP Limitless 3 features 15+ fully playable dimensions.
A list of these can be found inside this spoiler: 

Dim - minecraft:overworld - (The Overworld)
Dim - minecraft:the_nether - (The Nether)
Dim - minecraft:the_end - (The End)
Dim - mythicbotany:alfheim - (Alfheim)

Dim - atum:atum - (Atum 2)
Dim - compactmachines:compact_world - (The Compact Machines Dim.)
Dim - rats:ratlantis - (Ratlantis)
Dim - twilightforest:twilightforest - (The Twilight Forest)

Dim - twilightforest:skylight_forest - (The Twilight Forest Empty Void, if enabled!)
Dim - mining_dimension:mining - (Mining Dimension)
Dim - woot:tartarus - (Hidden Dimension.)
Dim - mahoutsukai:reality_marble - (Reality Marble)
Dim - appliedenergistics2:spatial_storage - (Hidden Dimension.)
Dim - the_bumblezone:the_bumblezone - (The Bumblezone)
Dim - dimdungeons:dungeon_dimension - (Dimensional Dungeons)
Dim - javd:void - (Void Dimension)
Dim - blue_skies:everbright - (Blue Skies)

Dim - blue_skies:everdawn - (Blue Skies)


🔮🌷🌼 Do you like Magic & Tech? Then Botania might be the mod for you.
Botania is a tech mod themed around natural magic. Gameplay is centered around creating magical flowers and devices using Mana, the power of the earth.

🔨 Need that 3x3 mining? We've got you covered. Check out the mods @Tinker's Construct or @SilentGear in JEI. You can create hammers in lots of different materials, and then add traits/modifiers to make your hammer even better!
And while we're on the subject, you can also create an Excavator which does the same thing hammers do but for blocks like dirt.

🛡️🗡️⛏️Is customizing your own tools a thing you love to do? Silent Gear is a mod that will allow you almost make items out of almost any material.
Mix materials, create new armors, tools & more! Check out the modpage for a more detailed description:

🗡️⚒️⛏️ We also feature the mod Tinker's Construct!
This mod probably doesn't need any explaining, but you can create Hammers, Cleavers, Scythes and many more items!
You can read about it in full with the link below:

⚙️⚒️Limitless 3 features the mod Create, a mod offering a variety of tools and blocks for Building, Decoration and Aesthetic Automation.

You can check out the Wiki for the mod here: [WIKI]

🎒 Need more inventory space while you're out exploring the large world? Well, backpacks can help with that. There are 3 types of them, small, medium & large. There's also an Ender Chest backpack which opens your Ender Chest on the go without having to place one down.

 We've also included more enchantments, while some are useful it also adds more curses so watchout!
A list of these enchantments can be found on the modpage, Ma Enchants

🗺️ Limitless 3 includes a Minimap Mod which is displayed in the upper right corner in-game, this can be turned off by the player at any given time by going into the Minimap options menu on the 'Y' button by default. There's also a fullscreen map which shows you parts of the world you've already explored, found on the button 'M' by default. ( Xaero's Minimap & World Map )

You can upgrade your standard Vanilla Furnace to different tiers, which in turn will make the smelting progress faster. Search for @IronFurnaces in JEI.

Chests are also upgradable like Furnaces, each tier allows you to store more items into the chest. Search for @ExpandedStorage in JEI.

🗄️ Wan't another fancy way of storing items? Storage Drawers will store a bunch of items, and they are also on display on the block with icons, these are also upgradable to allow even more items to be stored.

⚡ We also have Immersive Engineering in the modpack. Create water wheels, windmills & more! There's alot to discover.

🏔️ Need a fast way to travel to different destinations? Lucky for you the mod @Waystones can help with that. Place down a Waystone in your world then right-click it. Activate it by clicking the Biome in the GUI. 

✨ There's alot more exciting stuff waiting in-game, hop in-game and try it for yourself. ✨

Got any mod suggestions? Then join our Discord below and send it in the #suggestions channel.

- Gbergz, TNP Team.

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