SimpleCraft Modpack

39 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 14, 2018 Game Version: 1.11.2


This is a low-tech Modpack that can run on most PC's


Modpack Features

  • Create tools and level them up
  • Right-Click crop harvesting
  • Make waypoints
  • Graves when you die
  • Storage network without power
  • Custom recipes (Click the spoiler)
  • Request Table can be crafted using Colbalt
  • You can make papper with Logs
  • Make books with Rotten Flesh
  • Make Sticks with Logs and get 16
  • Make Blank Patterns with sticks (Just like the old days)


 Journey Map Keys

  • Waypoint Management  (M)
  • Make new waypoint         (B)
  • Full screen map                  (J)




All feedback welcome


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