Last Updated: Jan 4, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Aug 24, 2014

Owner: tattyseal



  • Builder
  • Chest


  • Backpack 


Last Update: 2.2

  • Reworked the Builder GUI, this will prevent crashes caused by incorrect hex string and also finally outputs the chest to a slot instead of as an entity
  • Added retaining chests, crouch clicking a chest with a diamond will make that chest retain contents when broken. Useful for transporting 24x12 chests.
  • Added a config gui in mod settings.

 The new 'retainer' chests


The reworked builder interface



  • You may use this mod in any of your modpacks! :) I do ask that you inform me of you using it but it's not required.
  • I obtain the right to ask you to remove the mod from your pack.



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