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this is the first iteration of a remake of a mod pack called "the kingdom of daldar" put together by forgelabs


in this version, we've added more dragons and gear. harder progression through Pmmo and other things like more cooking, farming, thirst mechanics, temperature


also, we've added some great elements to make this modpack work for RP players, along with quarks emotes and cosmetic armor slots, we have added in the voice chat mod that lets you talk In-game with others in real-time with a mic


this updated release sticks to the original theme and just expands on it.  ore tweaker I've changed the way mining will be done .... you'll either have to be super deep (where harder mobs will spawn) to get normal ores. or you'll have to climb around in the mountains and find ores there. all stone does have a 1/1000 chance to drop minerals of some sort at any level. the nights will be very dark and scary with total darkness.

but with dynamic lighting, you'll have carryable light and even some armors that glow.  with the spice of life carrot edition, all the foods from farmers' delight will be much more useful. A campfire will protect the area around your camp from hostile mobs. be careful of those headshots now that first aid has been added. and good luck finding a village that hasn't been overrun with mobs! with serene seasons and survives temperature mechanic summers and winters get tough so make sure you have plenty of fuel for your fires and swimming pool for summer time


A quest system will be implemented to take you on trips down different medival professions such as tailoring blacksmithing hunting building alchemy and more


more magic may be implemented at a later time


come say hi in our discord


modpack server will be up once i polish some datapacks and quests


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