Nomifactory (GTCEu Port)

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Port of Nomifactory 1.3 to the GregTech CE Unofficial generation of GT mods, with updated quests, progression and minor balance changes to adapt to CEu's changes.
- Overhauled circuit progression closely following CEu stock
- Multiblock versions of nearly all machines, including EBF, Freezer and DT, processing up to 256 recipes in parallel
- New processing chains for Naquadah, Advanced SMDs, Crystal Chips, and more
- Fixed lots of unpleasant CE-ness - no more stupid Amp system, different ore stone types don't clog up your inventory, etc.
- Super-performant emissive effects on machines, coil blocks, the Fusion Reactor, and more
- Updated questbook to guide you through all the new stuff
- lots more...

Hard mode info

If you want a harder, or perhaps a more "true" GregTech experience, check out the Expert mode. This pack mode is based on the Self-Torture Edition fork of the original pack. Highlights include:

  • No DML for easy infinite resources
  • Omnicoins can't be spent
  • The Steam Age
  • No Creative Tank; instead...
  • Stabilized Micro Miners for late-game infinite resources
  • Harder recipes for assorted things like Vanadium, Graphene, Numismatic Dynamos, and more

Installation instructions:
- Install the hardmode config files from here. Restart the pack for this to take effect. - Windows users may grab the utility here (right click - save as), save it to the root directory of the pack (the same level as \config). - Run /bq_admin default load ExpertQuests to load the hard mode questbook.


Certain new quests from GregTech Community Pack.
GTCE item-ID to GTCEu item-ID conversion scripts by brachy84.
Perfect Gem textures from FurfSky Reborn. (Permission at this message in FurfSky Reborn server)
Thank you!


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