Lazy AE2

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You can also check out the readme on GitHub!


Lazy AE2 adds a few more Applied Energistics machines that help speed up certain operations. It was designed with the intent of creating alternate channels for automating AE2's in-world crafting mechanisms, which had a tendency to clash with lag-clearing tools.


New Features

  • Fluix Aggregator - Performs the in-world fluix crystal crafting operation
  • Pulse Centrifuge - Performs the in-world crystal seed growing operation
  • ME Circuit Etcher - Etches circuits without needing to waste time pressing the components
  • Preemptive Assembly Unit - Alternative to the ME interface that dispatches crafting operations eagerly
    • Instead of dispatching a recipe one-at-a-time, as much of the recipe's inputs are dumped into the processing machine as possible
    • Useful for when you're late-game and your processing machines process faster than ME interfaces can provide ingredients
  • ME Level Maintainer - Maintains a quantity of certain items in an ME network by requesting autocrafting when needed
  • Mass Assembly Chamber - A really big multi-block molecular assembler. Goes fast and holds lots of patterns!

Everything is JEI-integrated, so you won't have to waste time guessing at recipes.

Required Dependencies

CraftTweaker Support

Lazy AE2 has full CraftTweaker support for its processing recipes. Check out the documentation in the wiki.

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