Compact Claustrophobia

Trapped in a Compact Machine with nothing except your fists - How to escape

In Compact Claustrophobia you start trapped inside of the smallest compact machine (a room measuring only 3x3x3). From here you have to somehow escape using the power of tech and nuclear fusion! This is an expert, skyblock-like, tech-oriented pack that aims to keep a tight consistent experience. Contains custom scripting and items to make the progression better.

If you want to host a server yourself, this is probably the easiest it can get

To complete the challenge presented by Compact Claustrophobia you'll need to experiment with a few key mods. Some important ones are:
Compact Machines, Nuclearcraft, Immersive Engineering and very importantly - Click Machine!
If this looks to you like the idea of a good base, this pack is for you!

Special thanks to the developers of Scavenge and CraftTweaker without the pack wouldn't have been possible. Special thanks to NullAngel and FireSoul for sharing their creations which helped build glitch_0
Playthrough from Ector Vynk of an early version of the pack


Q: I can't move or place block in the bedrock room!? A: You need to create a vanilla world, normal or superflat
Q: Do you have a discord? A: Yes discord
Q: I updated to 1.3 and lost my base. Check the chapter in questbook called Compact Tech Support. Use this command: /compactmachines3 machines view and you should be able to get it back
Q: My pack is running slow?! A: Some people get double fps with optifine - give it a go

If you feel like giving a coffee or icecream feel free (: