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97,698 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 17, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1


Inventory Profiles Next


This mod will:

  • Help you keep your inventory sorted
  • Replace your quasi-broken tool
  • Dump everything in that chest with one click
  • Move the items you have that are also already in the chest                                         
  • Lock item slots in place so that sorting ignores them
  • Keep locked slots empty
  • Allow you to press R+C to set your shortcuts
  • Be pure client-side, so that it works everywhere

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What’s new




  • fixed client crash on Forge 1.17.x
  • fixed ignored container types handling
  • probably fixed server crash on forge when the mod is installed. NOTE: Don’t install it on servers it doesn’t do anything.




  • Added API for integration with other mods. It is now possible for other mods to:
    • mark their screens to be ignored so IPN won’t try to interact with them.
    • give hints to IPN where to put its UI.
    • there is a configuration file that can provide the above information if the for some reason it’s not possible for the other mod to provide in via the API. Entries in the default configuration file will be accepted in case official refusal from the other mod to provide integration or if the other mod is abandoned.




  • Forge 1.16.5 >= 36.1.32


  • Forge 1.17.x >= 37.0.17


  • Fabric Loader >= 0.11.6 (see Updating Fabric)
  • Mod Menu >= 2.0.2 - optional


Migrate from Inventory Profiles


  1. Move MINECRAFTHOME/config/inventoryprofiles somewhere
  2. Remove the old mod
  3. Install this mod
  4. Move back the inventoryprofiles folder from above
  5. Rename it to inventoryprofilesnext

Note: If you’re a Windows user, your MINECRAFTHOME is probably %appdata%/.minecraft


Updating Fabric


For the official launcher make sure you don’t have the game or the launcher running and follow this guide

For the other launchers… really you should know how to do it :)




If something doesn’t work, please file an issue here

If you speak another language and would like to help to translate it, you can do so here

If you’re a Kotlin developer and want to contribute, please see the source




Thanks to jsminda, the original author of Inventory Profile




This mod is distributed under MIT license


Full change log





  • fixes a problem where, on some servers, items were moved out of the locked slots on dimension change.




  • fixes forge 1.17.1 mixin support




  • fixes situations where the hot bar becomes inaccessible when opening double chest.
  • fixed enable picking up items in empty locked slots in single player on some platforms.




  • Added equipment Profiles! You can now define sets of equipment and easily switch between them with a press of a button. Read more on how to set it up at Profiles Documentation
  • Added support for over stacked items like Carpet’s stacking of empty shulkers
  • Fixed problem on Windows if the world name contains special characters.
  • Fixed Continuous crafting. Now it’s 100% reliable.
  • All non-vanilla storages like Dank storage and Backpack will now be ignored by default.
  • Removed all “teaks” that might be considered cheating. Like disabling lava fog and various cooldowns. We never made them work in 1.17.x anyway.
  • Visit our new site Inventory Profiles Next where you can find documentation about all the advanced features.


Known Issues in Forge 1.17.1 due to missing MixIn support


  • Preventing swipe moving of locked slots doesn’t work.
  • Preventing item pickups in empty locked slots falls back to the server method i.e. items are picked into the inventory and then thrown out.







  • Fixed problem in Forge mods that made sorting impossible if the inventory/container has more than 1 enchanted item with same enchants, same item type, and same name and items were arranged in specific way.
  • Added hotkey for reloading the mod configurations. It’s recommended that it’s only used while defining new custom rules and kept unset in other situations.




  • Fixes locked slots behaviour when changing dimensions/worlds. There is new config that allows the user to control how many client ticks need to pass before the locked slot keeper is reinitialised on dimension/world change. This wait is necessary because the inventory might be empty when the player is spawned in the new dimension/world and we need to wait to receive the inventory content from the server.




  • Now on servers also items will not be picked into empty locked slots. NOTE! Doesn’t work while inventory is open. It’s not possible to distinguish between player moving items and server initiated changes.
  • Added configuration to disable mod buttons on non-vanilla screens. For better compatibility with othe mods




  • Added per server locked slots. Enabled by default. Can be disabled in the configuration.




  • Added support for single click/press inventory throw. Hotkey can be configured in Hotkeys. Disabled by default. This obeys the same rules for hotbar as “move all”.
  • Fixed Shift+Click Ctrl+Q skipping locked slots to work on servers.
  • Clarified, in the tooltip, that not picking up items in locked slots works only in single player. Support for servers will require service side mod.
  • We now have a discord server 2




  • Shift+Click Ctrl+Q can now be disabled and enabled (default) for locked slots. This also applies for swipe variant of the actions.
  • SINGLE PLAYER ONLY. Items will not be picked into empty locked slots


Known issues


  • When UI scaling is more than 2 or in case of tiny game windows the config screen might not show the anchor header correctly.
  • If you make the game window 0x0 pixels while the configuration screen is open, sometimes the game crashes.



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