Inventory Profiles Next

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Inventory Profiles Next


This mod will:

  • Help you keep your inventory sorted
  • Replace your quasi-broken tool
  • Dump everything in that chest with one click
  • Move the items you have that are also already in the chest                                         
  • Lock item slots in place so that sorting ignores them
  • Keep locked slots empty
  • Allow you to press R+C to set your shortcuts
  • Be pure client-side, so that it works everywhere

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What’s new




  • fixes crash when in creative mode middle click is used to pick block and the inventory and hotbar are full of other blocks
  • fixes incompatibility/crash with mods that check for free slots in the hotbar




  • Inventory Profiles Next now depends on libIPN. This means you will need to install libIPN too or Inventory Profiles Next will not work




If something doesn’t work, please file an issue here

If you speak another language and would like to help to translate it, you can do so here

If you’re a Kotlin developer and want to contribute, please see the source




This mod is distributed under MIT license



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