> This mod is still in development and may change over time. Feel free to open an issue/discussion on Github with any suggestions or bugs you find.


Tweaks to the inventory system based on Xisumavoid's video. Adds an item switch interface triggered by pressing a hotkey(Default: R). Depending on the item in the main hand, the interface will show different options(or not show up at all for unmapped items). Switch between the options by moving the mouse(or using the scroll wheel for the list). Releasing the hotkey will swap the item in the main hand with the selected item. In the item wheel, pressing the middle mouse button while having an item selected switches to related items(if available).


  • Switch between items from the inventory
  • Show the inventory from an empty hand
  • Switch between items from shulker boxes in the inventory(requires the mod/plugin on the server)
  • Item wheel for block pallets
  • Item list for dynamic items like tools, food, potions, etc.
  • Fully customizable via resource packs


  • FabricAPI



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